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Many in­di­vid­u­als with hear­ing loss do not want to get their hear­ing tested. Why? One of the rea­sons is de­nial. Many older adults just don’t think they have a prob­lem. When most people are told they have a hear­ing loss, the first thing they of­ten say is: ‘I hear what I want to hear.’ How­ever, in or­der to be fully en­gaged in life, you have to be fully en­gaged ev­ery­where. In ad­di­tion, the per­son with a hear­ing prob­lem is of­ten the last to no­tice it, be­cause the change comes on grad­u­ally over the years and starts sub­tly. Have you ever said this while watch­ing TV or talk­ing on the phone? “I can hear just fine if people would just stop mum­bling.” An­other de­ter­rent to wear­ing hear­ing aids is the stigma at­tached to wear­ing them. People ei­ther think that it’s a sign of weak­ness, or that it’s show­ing one’s age. How­ever, al­ways say­ing ‘par­don me’ tends to show one’s age much quicker. The hear­ing aids now, are small enough that most people don’t even no­tice you are wear­ing them. The fi­nal obstacle can be the cost of hear­ing aids. In On­tario, the price of hear­ing aids is reg­u­lated. The price is usu­ally de­pen­dent on the level of tech­nol­ogy one is in­ter­ested in but there are many op­tions to choose from. Hear­ing aids are a key in­gre­di­ent to stay­ing ac­tive and im­prov­ing the qual­ity of your life. Wear­ing them leads to an in­creased en­joy­ment of so­cial events, leisure ac­tiv­i­ties, and con­ver­sa­tions with your fam­ily, friends, and co-work­ers. Many styles and price points ex­ist. Our award-win­ning clinic has pay­ment plans for ev­ery life­style avail­able to help with the cost. In ad­di­tion, a Gov­ern­ment Grant may ex­ist for el­i­gi­ble in­di­vid­u­als. If you feel your cur­rent hear­ing aids are not help­ing as much as they should and you have ex­pe­ri­enced some of the points men­tioned above there’s a ground­break­ing hear­ing aid that al­lows you to eas­ily con­nect to any cell phone and tele­vi­sion. You can en­joy the free­dom of be­ing able to eas­ily con­nect with any Blue­tooth phone re­gard­less of the brand. An­swer calls with a touch of your hear­ing aids and use them as a wire­less head­set to talk hands-free. Use your hear­ing aids as TV wire­less head­phones and ex­pe­ri­ence clear, qual­ity, stereo sound. Take them home and try them them for your­self! Come visit us at one of our award-win­ning clin­ics to try this new tech­nol­ogy and ex­pe­ri­ence the dif­fer­ence. Our ex­pe­ri­enced staff will guide you through the process of a hear­ing test and ob­tain­ing hear­ing aids if you need them. Why trust your hear­ing to any­one else? No re­fer­ral nec­es­sary. All in­surance com­pa­nies, WSIB, DVA ODSP, Spe­cial In­come and FCH pa­tients are wel­come.

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