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mi­grate to

★ Leatherback Sea Tur­tles wa­ters off At­lantic Canada to chow down on jel­ly­fish — their pri­mary prey. than any

★ Leatherbacks mi­grate far­ther other rep­tile on Earth. Ev­ery year, they swim up to 12,000 kilo­me­tres to spend the win­ter in sub­trop­i­cal and trop­i­cal wa­ters. is the only

★ The Leatherback Sea Tur­tle sea tur­tle to have a leath­ery skin on its back in­stead of a hard shell. that weigh

★ Start­ing out as hatch­lings

40 to 50 grams (about as much as a deck of cards), Leatherbacks grow 10,000 times this size over the course of their lives. un­der­wa­ter for

★ Leatherbacks can swim over 80 min­utes be­fore they need to sur­face to breathe.

Tur­tles can eat 50

★ Adult Leatherback Sea per cent of their body mass in a sin­gle day. That’s a lot of grub!

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