How Does Your Gar­den Grow?

Never mind sil­ver bells and cockle shells. What plants re­ally need to grow is wa­ter! Mak­ing a wa­ter­ing can is eas­ier than you think — all you need are a few things you can find around the house.


What You’ll Need:

• A plas­tic jug with a lid

• A ham­mer and nail or drill • An adult to help

Fol­low these steps:

1. Ask an adult for help to make your very own wa­ter­ing can.

2. Us­ing the ham­mer and nail or a drill, make holes in the lid of a jug. 3. Dec­o­rate the sides of the wa­ter­ing can with a marker or wind colour­ful yarn around the wa­ter­ing can and tie it tightly to se­cure it in place.

4. Fill your wa­ter­ing can with wa­ter and play!

Think about it:

• Have you ever stopped to think about how plants drink?

They take in wa­ter through their roots.

• Would you say plants pre­fer the gen­tle rain from a wa­ter­ing can or the fast pour­ing of wa­ter with the lid off? Wa­ter that’s poured too quickly on soil can move the soil around. And that soil is needed to cover up the roots of your plant. That’s why wa­ter­ing cans are a plant’s best friend!

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