The Mam­moth Moose


Ev­ery year, Moose grow brand new antlers. It’s pretty im­pres­sive con­sid­er­ing th­ese antlers can grow to be­come 180 cen­time­tres wide! As mat­ing sea­son draws near, bulls will spar with each other to test their strength. This gives them a good idea of how they’re go­ing to stack up to other males. Will they come out num­ber one? Or will that spot be taken by an­other Moose? They’ll find out in mid-Septem­ber when the rut re­ally starts. The fight is pretty short but it’s also su­per in­tense. Two males start out rock­ing their heads from side to side and then walk care­fully to­wards each other. If they de­cide to fight, they join antlers and start shov­ing. They’ll push with all their might against one an­other (tak­ing short breaks in be­tween matches) un­til a winner is de­cided.

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