Test your knowl­edge of th­ese an­i­mals with springs for legs!

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1. How many bounds does a Canada Lynx take when it hunts down a hare? a. One b. Two c. Three d. Four 2. Which an­i­mal can climb moun­tains best? a. Moun­tain sheep b. Moose c. Moun­tain goats d. Po­lar Bears 3. How do At­lantic Puffins di­rect which way they swim? a. With their wings b. With their beaks c. With their legs d. With their tongues 4. True or False? Hum­ming­birds don’t have legs 5. What bird has the long­est legs? a. Bur­row­ing Owl b. Amer­i­can Robin c. Red Knot d. Whoop­ing Crane 6. How fast can a Snow­shoe Hare run? a. 15 km an hour b. 30 km an hour c. 45 km an hour d. 60 km an hour 7. How do male wolf spi­ders at­tract a mate? a. They sing b. They dance c. They of­fer gifts d. They bat their eye­lashes

1. a) Canada Lynx can’t run very fast, so they hunt when they’re close by their prey. That means it takes just one bound for a lynx to take down an an­i­mal.

2. c) Moun­tain goats are amaz­ing climbers — they’ll walk slowly but steadily up­hill. But if you guessed moun­tain sheep, you wouldn’t be far off. Moun­tain sheep are also pretty good at climb­ing, but they bound up­hill.

3. a) At­lantic Puffins are great swimmers. Their wings give them the power to swim un­der­wa­ter, but they rely on their legs to get them mov­ing in the right di­rec­tion. Their legs and feet act like rud­ders!

4. False. You might never have seen a hum­ming­bird stop mov­ing, but we promise they do! They beat their wings 55 to 75 times in a sec­ond — but that doesn’t mean they don’t rest them ev­ery once in a while.

5. d) The Whoop­ing Crane is the tallest bird in North Amer­ica! It stands at

1.5 me­tres tall.

6. c) A Snow­shoe Hare’s legs can carry it 45 kilo­me­tres an hour. I bet that’d be hard to keep up with!

7. b) Male wolf spi­ders are known to break out into an amaz­ing tap danc­ing rou­tine to ap­peal to fe­males. Other male suit­ors will watch and chal­lenge them to a dance off to woo fe­males away.

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