Windsor Star : 2020-08-05

CITY + REGION : 7 : A4


CITY+REGION A4 WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 5, 2020 WINDSOR STAR ELITE GOLD GROUP PRESENTS CASH FOR GOLD, SILVER & COIN COVID-19 we ROADSHOW WE ARE FOLLOWING STRICT GUIDELINES AND MEASURES TO ENSURE YOUR SAFETY WHAT WE BUY WHAT YOU HAVE | · · FREE MASKS PROVIDED APPRAISERS EQUIPPED WITH SAFETY SHIELDS SANITIZING STATIONS CONTROLLED GATHERING SIZE (SOCIAL DISTANCING) SPACED SEATING ALL STERLING SILVER SILVER/GOLD COINS SILVER/GOLD JEWELRY BILLS · · · DIAMONDS ALL POCKET WATCHES WATCHES ALL GOLD&SILVER COLLECTABL­ES JEWELRY · · · · · White Gold & Platinum All Gold & Silver Items .... any condition, even broken! · · · · Brooches Estate Jewelry Dental Gold Rings Bangles Bracelets Cuff Links · · Earrings Necklaces MINT SETS/BULLION BILLS/PAPER MONEY · · · · · All Box Sets All Collector Sets All Gold Bars All Silver Bars Canadian Bills, US Bills, Foreign Bills WATCHES STERLING SILVER ITEMS · · · · · · Flatware Tea/coffee Service Trays · · · · · Candlestic­ks Salt/pepper Shakers Medals Trophies Pocket Watches Name Brand Watches All Other Sterling Silver Items Cigar/cigarette Cases All Gold Watches All Silver Watches · · COINS Bring your coin collection­s we’ll sort through it for you! · · · · Silver Coins Coin Set Mint Sets Olympic Coins Canadian Coins (1968 & older) US Coins (1964 & older) Gold Coins · · · BRING IN YOUR... HOW IT WORKS · · · · · Gold/ Silver/ Diamonds Sterling Silverware Silver Ring Boxes Vanity Sets Gold/ Silver Collectabl­es ..... Call or email us if you have a question about an item Collect all of your items, broken, tarnished old, or any condition. Come and visit us at our event location.then one of our specialist­s will evaluate your items at no cost. We will offer you top dollar in cash for your items. You sell your items, walk out with cash! Ugiaspere, sumendi blatum haria corum et auda dis cum qui as et, tem magnimin nit, conseque et archil endaecerit­is aut velendi oribus idunt et dipsum cuptas sam nim dolum et, videm facea dipsam fugia nam, consefacep­eris ex exerio. Xeriori oruptati conseque modit quate nonsequ atiorepis de remporpos eos moloreprov­it harionet ulparchit adit, ipsusandit ut ab m essiamuu s, id e7 te ,t ot9 ad a venim eatqui dolupit qui Occus vent porume plabore ventota simust eaquod et quatur moluptate odicimagni­s et vel is el il iumetum quunt, assed et ea necestiuri­ta perecerio. quo magnit quibea comniendus­t, corepel exped magnis invenis dolumet laborem sus rum il ium fugitam et ipsandi squist vent tae nihictu riscipt i uoia t ariorit vellessinc­i nonsequ aepersp ellanihit accus. eument aut debisti onsecusae sinte Nequiatur, omnit ullende nobit ommos YOU’RE INVITED! We Pay Higher Than The Competitio­n! FREE PARKING & FREE ADMISSION Cash in your unwanted and broken items to help put money in your pocket during these uncertain times Hampton Inn & Suites Windsor HOTEL: Hcoiautsua­mndq S CUSTOMERS F Svaetlislu­fiepdtam 1840 Huron Church Road,windsor, ON EXPERTAPPR­AISERSWITH YEARS OF EXPERIENCE Diua Tceor:eped TIME: gausps t tth tholupti - Friday : 10am to 5pm Saturday & Sunday : 10am to 5pm FRIENDLY, HASSLE FREE ENVIRONMEN­T PAYING CASH ON THE SPOT FOR NOT SURE IF IT’S GOLD OR SILVER? BRING IT INANDWE’LLTEST IT FORYOU YOUR BROKEN & UNWANTED ITEMS IN ANY CONDITION. HOTEL: 519.972.0770 PHONE: 1.855.812.4653 | | PHONE: 1.855.812.4653 EMAIL : WEB:

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