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In 2004, I was a boom erin my ear­ly50s who was ac­tu­ally think­ing about re­tir­ing. The first 20 years of my ca­reer I had worked as a Direc­tor of Nurs­ing, then for the next 15 years I had co-pa­s­tored a church in­Thorn­hill with my hus­band. At that time, we heard that there were 40 mil­lion or­phans in Africa, so we de­cided to try to fig­ure out away that we could help and within a short pe­riod of time my sis­ter dis­cov­ered Nat­u­ral Calm Mag­ne­sium which trans­formed her health for mi­graines. I started us­ing the prod­uct for in­som­nia and mus­cle pain and could not be­lieve the re­sults that I experienced. Nat­u­ral Calm was not sold in Canada so I started im­port­ing it and 12 years later Nat­u­ral Calm has be­come the top sell­ing mag­ne­sium in North Amer­ica and ranks #1 out of 7500 sup­ple­ments sold in the USA. My hus­band Dale and I de­cided that we wanted our com­pany to be aso­cial en­ter­prises owe started Or­gan­ics 4 Or­phans, where wet each sus­tain­abil­ity to the poor through or­ganic gar­den­ing, nat­u­ral medicine, nutri­tion and in­come gen­er­a­tion. We are ex­cited about the fact that our non-profit is de­vel­op­ing food se­cu­rity in or­phan­ages, pris­ons, refugee camps and com­mu­nity groups in over 20 coun­tries. Pro­ceeds from the sale of Nat­u­ral Calm Canada prod­ucts goto sup­port Or­gan­ics 4 Or­phans.

Nat­u­ral Calm: The Bet­ter Mag­ne­sium

Dis­solved in hot water, Nat­u­ral Calm be­comes mag­ne­sium cit­rate, one of the most ab­sorb able forms of mag­ne­sium. The best clin­i­cal re­search shows that mag­ne­sium cit­rate is as ab­sorb able or more ab­sorb able than other forms, such as mag­ne­sium gly­ci­nate orb is­g­lyc in ate. Nat­u­ral Calm starts work­ing right away to ad­dress symp­toms of mag­ne­sium de­fi­ciency. Over the years I have heard from thou­sands of cus­tomers who say Nat­u­ral Calm has trans­formed their health, from re­liev­ing mi­graines, to heart pal­pi­ta­tions, anx­i­ety, rest­less leg syn­drome and more. Mag­ne­sium is also known as the “re­lax­ation min­eral ”, that’s why so many peo­ple use it for stress, sleep and ten­sion-re­lated pain. Mag­ne­sium is crit­i­cal for much more, including bone den­sity, di­ges­tion, me­tab­o­lism, hor­mone reg­u­la­tion, heart health, mus­cle and nerve func­tion­ing. Asa boomer now in my six­ties, I am thank­ful and ex­cited to be the owner of a com­pany that not only is“Pro­mot­ing Health to peo­ple across Canada but also Shar­ing Wealth” by teach­ing sus­tain­abil­ity to the ex­treme poor. My hus­band and I be­lieve that this is truly the an­swer in the pur­suit of help­ing to end global poverty. SPINS US Data 2016

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To ac­cess the full re­search on ab­sorp­tion, visit: http://nat­u­ral­­ne­sium-ab­sorp­tion-white-pa­per/

Linda Bolton Founder and CEO of Nat­u­ral Calm Canada. One of the TOP 100 Fe­male En­trepreneurs in Canada and was recently voted one of the Top 100 Health In­flu­encers in Canada.

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