I agree whole­heart­edly with Wanda Mor­ris [“Sys­tem Fail­ure,” Septem­ber, about the nurs­ing home mur­ders]. How could this hap­pen? Maybe be­cause the own­ers of these nurs­ing homes care more about their profit mar­gin (i.e., multiple homes, large salaries) than the lives of the ac­tual peo­ple who are forced to live in these homes be­cause they don’t have the money for some­thing bet­ter, where per­sonal care is ac­tu­ally at the fore­front of the man­date of the nurs­ing home. Maybe be­cause, in spite of manda­tory an­nual in­spec­tions, manda­tory re­port­ing of sus­pi­cious deaths, manda­tory re­port­ing of nurses who fail to do their jobs and ac­tu­ally cause harm to the pa­tients in their care, this abuse con­tin­ued be­cause no one cared. When will the gov­ern­ment and own­ers of these de­plorable in­sti­tu­tions stand up and ac­cept their part in these aw­ful crimes against the weak­est peo­ple of our so­ci­ety? When will they ac­cept re­spon­si­bil­ity and change the way things are done? —Jo Wilkin­son, via email

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