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More of­ten than not, it is ones friends and fam­ily that no­tice the hear­ing im­pair­ment of an in­di­vid­ual long be­fore that in­di­vid­ual does. They may no­tice that their loved one turns the vol­ume up very loud on de­vices such as the TV, mu­sic player and ra­dio; per­haps it is dif­fi­cult for the in­di­vid­ual to fol­low con­ver­sa­tions when they are with their loved ones in a restau­rant or café. Maybe the in­di­vid­ual even strug­gles to hear what young chil­dren are say­ing.

If some­one you know is suf­fer­ing from un­treated hear­ing loss, you will prob­a­bly no­tice their so­cial be­hav­ior has changed. They may have with­drawn from so­cial ac­tiv­i­ties and may ex­press feel­ings of shame, guilt or anger. They may also be­come more self­crit­i­cal, frus­trated or de­pressed. These kinds of be­hav­iour can have a neg­a­tive ef­fect on any­one who is near and dear.

If you spend a lot of time with some­one who suf­fers from un­treated hear­ing loss, you may find you reg­u­larly have to re­peat what you say. They may ask you to ex­plain things more of­ten, and may de­pend on you to am­plify what other peo­ple have said, when­ever they feel the need. You could eas­ily be­come a sup­ple­ment to the per­son’s ears, and while this may help your loved one cope with the sit­u­a­tion, you’ll prob­a­bly feel ex­hausted by the end of the day. Be­com­ing aware of the nu­mer­ous ef­forts you make to ‘trans­late’ could be an im­por­tant first step to­wards your loved ones hear­ing treat­ment. Re­al­iz­ing the ex­tent of the sup­port they need may em­power you to take ac­tion, on be­half of you both.

Ac­cept­ing ones hear­ing loss is a big event in a per­son’s life. When con­fronted, some peo­ple sim­ply deny it and in these cases, it may take courage, pa­tience, and per­sis­tence to get a loved one to ac­cept they have hear­ing loss; it takes every­one time to come to terms with hear­ing loss. The good news is that every­one can, and most can ben­e­fit from hear­ing aids.

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