Make the Most of Those Gro­ceries

7 food hacks to make the most of those gro­ceries

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Easy-to-do kitchen so­lu­tions

YOU THOUGHT YOU HAD IT all fig­ured out. You’ve baked more cook­ies and roasted more chick­ens over the years than you can count – so what else could you pos­si­bly learn when it comes to easy meal prep? A lot, as it turns out.

Th­ese sim­ple food hacks are game chang­ers.

1 This hack is B-A-N-A-N-A-S! Tired of watch­ing your ba­nanas turn brown si­mul­ta­ne­ously? Keep this yel­low fruit fresh longer by sep­a­rat­ing the bunch and plac­ing plastic wrap around each stem. The wrap locks in the eth­yl­ene gases emit­ted from the stem that lead to rapid ripen­ing.

2 No-tears onion chop­ping Chop­ping onions can be a much less “emo­tional” ex­pe­ri­ence if you stick the of­fend­ing veg­etable in the freezer for 15 min­utes be­fore slic­ing it up. Don’t have time to wait for that deep freeze? Put a slice of bread in your mouth, par­tially stick­ing out of your mouth, to ab­sorb the ir­ri­tant gas be­fore it reaches your peep­ers. You’ll look ridicu­lous, but it works!

3 Check if eggs are still ed­i­ble The (much ap­pre­ci­ated) best-be­fore date on the car­ton has come and gone – but does that re­ally mean your eggs are no longer ed­i­ble? To find out, sim­ply place the raw eggs in a bowl of cold wa­ter. If the eggs sink to the bot­tom, then they are good to go. If they float, then they have seen bet­ter days.

4 But­ter me up! Think it’s im­pos­si­ble to keep cheese fresh? Saran wrap and plastic con­tain­ers just don’t cut it – but but­ter cer­tainly will! The next time you slice off a piece of cheese, put a thin layer of but­ter or mar­garine on the cut side. It keeps the re­frig­er­a­tor air from ox­i­diz­ing cheese and dis­cour­ages mould growth thanks to its fat com­po­si­tion.

5 Wooden spoon You prob­a­bly grew up watch­ing your grand­mother re­sort to this sim­ple hack – plac­ing a wooden spoon across a pot pre­vents the wa­ter from boil­ing over. How does this magic hap­pen? A wooden spoon weak­ens the foam­ing bub­bles when they come in contact with it.

6 Pre­vent brown sugar from hard­en­ing Keep brown sugar soft by toss­ing an orange peel or ap­ple slice into an air­tight con­tainer with the sugar. If your sugar is al­ready hard, sim­ply mi­crowave the brown sugar next to a glass of wa­ter and voila! The mois­ture in the mi­crowave will break up that block of sweet­ener in no time.

7 Minty fresh Keep your herbs fresh by plac­ing them in an ice cube tray or muf­fin tin to freeze them in wa­ter, olive oil or veg­etable stock to use for sea­son­ing at a later date.

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