Groom­ing: Man­scap­ing Up your hair and skin game

Stop in the name of up­ping your hair and skin game, from front to back

ZOOMER Magazine - - CONTENTS - By Mike Criso­lago

MY FIRST thought when handed the palm­sized bot­tle was, “Why do I need beard mois­tur­izer?” True, I’ve never ac­tu­ally grown out my beard un­til now, but aren’t they sup­posed to be a lit­tle scratchy and messy? That’s the manly part about grow­ing a beard. I mean, Griz­zly Adams didn’t stop to mois­tur­ize while schlep­ping through the for­est with Ben. Then again, ZZ Top’s Billy Gib­bons and Dusty Hill boast two of the most fa­mous beards in the world, and they sang that “Ev­ery girl crazy ’bout a sharp dressed man,” which I can only as­sume in-

cludes one’s, ahem, face sweater.

So with some scep­ti­cism, I slathered L’Oréal’s Men Ex­pert

Bar­berClub line of beard, face and hair wash, beard mois­tur­izer and beard cream on my face. To start, they all share a spicy, woody fra­grance touted by the brand as a “manly scent,” which I sup­pose means that this is what John Wayne must have smelled like. And, ad­mit­tedly, the scent has proven pop­u­lar with those who’ve sniffed my face af­ter ap­ply­ing it. The beard, face and hair wash of­fers a solid scrub and con­di­tion­ing in the shower, while the mois­tur­izer ac­tu­ally does soothe fa­cial itch­ing. The beard and hair cream is a nice fi­nal touch, al­low­ing you to

shape and set it with­out any grease or stick­i­ness left be­hind. And for those look­ing to em­u­late ZZ Top’s look, there’s also con­di­tion­ing oil for long beards. ( All Bar­berClub prod­ucts $13, avail­able at ma­jor re­tail­ers and at ama­

Of course, if I’m go­ing to fuss this much over my beard, I fig­ured I should give equal treat­ment to the rest of my face. Bull­dog Skin­care’s

Men’s Age De­fense Line in­cludes a mois­tur­izer said to re­duce wrin­kles and fine lines within a month – good for en­sur­ing that my bud­ding crow’s feet don’t ex­pand to the point that it looks like Big Bird stomped on my face. There’s no spicy wood scent here, but it does boast “an an­tiox­i­dant com­plex of rose­mary, echi­nacea and vi­ta­min E,” which is sort of “manly,” I sup­pose. They don’t test on an­i­mals and the mois­tur­izer does its job with­out leav­ing your face feel­ing like an oil slick. ($ 15, avail­able at Shop­pers Drug Mart)

And for men whose groom­ing needs ex­tend over their shoul­ders, the BAKblade 2.0 Men’s Back Hair Shaver looks like a back scratcher armed with duel blades and a piv­ot­ing han­dle. Grab a hold, reach over and drag the blades across your back to rid your­self of un­wanted hair. No shav­ing cream or gel nec­es­sary, and you can also use the shaver on your arms, neck, ch­est and, yes, abs. Hey, shave ’em if you got ’em! (US$30,

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