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GIVENTHEGENERATIONAL di­vide dur­ing the Brit-in­fused youthquake of the 1960s, Os­car winner Michael Caine, al­ready in his 30s by then, fan­cied him­self a grand­fa­ther fig­ure of sorts to his own peers. Still, he em­braced the era’s re­bel­lious spirit and now, at 85, takes a nos­tal­gic look back at his co­hort’s com­ing of age in the new doc­u­men­tary My Gen­er­a­tion. Caine re­cently spoke with Zoomer’s Mike Criso­lago.

ZOOMER In the film you note that, as a child, you’d ask your par­ents what was so good about “the good ol’ days.” So now I’ll ask you, what was so good about the 1960s?

MICHAEL CAINE The free­dom to do the things we wanted to do, and how it changed ev­ery­thing for every­body. If you were work­ing class there were things you couldn’t do. And then we got to the ’60s and Khrushchev said, “We have the atomic bomb.” And although no one ever said it, to our minds that idea went, “We’ve got four min­utes to live.” We’ve had noth­ing but trou­ble, poverty, war, why the hell don’t we have a good time? And we did.

ZOOMER And your gen­er­a­tion ef­fected change. Now that that co­hort is in their se­nior years, do you see them ef­fect­ing change when it comes to ag­ing?

MC Oh my God, yes. They’ve all gone so much fur­ther. Look at what com­mu­ni­ca­tions they have. Every­body has a com­puter in their hands. I have an iPad and I’m for­ever look­ing at stuff I want to know. Even in con­ver­sa­tions with my wife, you say “What date was Charles Boyer born?” and you can look it up.

ZOOMER You have a great quote in the film that says “Youth is not a time of life. It’s a state of mind.” What ad­vice can you of­fer for main­tain­ing that at­ti­tude as we age?

MC As an ac­tor, talk­ing phys­i­cally, you get to a stage where you’re so old you don’t get the girl any­more … But then you go on and you be­come like me, a char­ac­ter ac­tor, be­cause I wanted to do it. And I think the trick is to find an­other area of what you do that you can do when you get old. If you’re a mad dancer, when you get old you can take up the waltz and still be the best per­son in the world at the waltz. My Gen­er­a­tion is avail­able now on Video On De­mand.

Michael Caine

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