Evaluating the Efficiency of the Interactive Development between China’s Manufacturing and Logistics Industry

China Business and Market - - 第一页 - ——based on the Super Efficiency CCR-DEA Model


海、江苏、浙江、内蒙古 个地区,说明这些地区制造业与物流业互为投入产出时的超效率值均比较高;位于右下象限的地区包括广东、黑龙江、河南、


新疆等 个地区,说明这些地区物流业为投入、制造业为产出的效率值有效,而制造业为投入、物流业为产出的效率值无效;位于左上象限的地区包括福建、辽宁、广西、海南、贵州、湖南、甘肃、江西、

12宁夏、安徽、山西和西藏等 个地区,说明这些地区制造业为投入、物流业为产出的效率值有效,而物流业为投入,制造业为产出的效率值无效;位于左下象限的地区包括吉林、青海、陕西、云南、四


川、重庆和湖北等 个地区,这些地区制造业为投入、物流业为产出与制造业为产出、物流业为投入的效率值均无效。从中可以看出,在考虑了制造业与物流业作为投入要素对彼此产出的影响时,大部分地区的超效率值均有所提升,但各个地区提升的幅度不一。


(Fujian Normal University,Fuzhou,Fujian350007,China)

Abstract:Based on the CCR model,we can establish a super efficiency DEA model with the consideration of investmentorientation,which can be used to measure the efficiency of the subsystem of manufacturing industry,logistics industry and the comprehensive system with the consideration that the manufacturing industry and logistics industry is the investment factor with each other in the whole country,in the eight comprehensive economic regions and in 31 provinces from 2000 to 2013. The result shows that the super efficiency DEA model is more suitable to reality than the traditional DEA model;since the year 2000,the super efficiency of such subsystems as national manufacturing industry,logistic industry and the logistic industry taking manufacturing industry as the investment factor of logistics industry have all been improved. The number of efficient regions taking logistics industry as the output indicator is more than the number of efficient regions taking manufacturing industry as the output indicator,which demonstrates that,in most of the regions in China,the leading function of manufacturing industry to the development of logistics industry is more significant than the leading function of logistics industry to the development of manufacturing industry,and the improvement function of logistics industry development to the efficiency level of manufacturing industry should be further improved. In the future development,we should continuously reduce logistic cost to improve the operational efficiency of the interactive development system between the manufacturing industry and logistics industry,and improve the contribution of the logistics industry to the manufacturing industry.

Key words:super efficiency DEA;manufacturing industry;logistics industry;interactive development

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