An Empirical Research on the Impact of Standardization on the International Competitiveness of Commerce Circulation Industry in China

(Capital University of Economics and Business,Beijing100070,China) ZHU He-liang and YE Meng

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Abstract:With the increasingly frequent economic and trade activities in the circulation of products (goods) and services among countries all over the world,commerce and trade has become the main battlefield of the economic interests of all countries in the world. Undoubtedly,a country with a mature international standard system will take the initiative in the international trade competition because of the positive role of mature international standardization system in improving the applicability of commodity (goods) and service,preventing trade barriers,and promoting technological cooperation. At present,in promoting the commercial circulation industry to transform to be standardized,integrated,internationalized and modernized,all countries have taken standardization as their critical technological measure to seize the international market. Accelerating the build of standardization system is of great realistic significance for the development of China’s commerce circulation industry. By analyzing the impact of China’s standardization level in the commerce circulation industry on international competitiveness,we can find that,there is the long- term equilibrium relation and causal relation between the standardization level of China’s commerce circulation industry and its international competitiveness. To better improve the international competitiveness of China’ s commerce circulation industry,we should strengthen and perfect the standardization system of this industry and implement the standardization strategy.

Key words:standardization;commerce circulation industry;international competitiveness;the revealed comparative advan⁃ tage index of competition;long-term equilibrium

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