Study on the Characteristics and Optimization of Modern Circulation Channels of Agricultural Products with Local Characteristics in China

China Business and Market - - CHINA BUSINESS AND MARKET - LU Qi,HONG Tao and ZHANG Jian-she

(Beijing Technology and Business University,Beijing100048,China)

Abstract:At present,there are so many circulation channels of agricultural products coexisting in China;and each channel has its own advantages and disadvantages,which can not fully meet the needs of circulation of agricultural products with local characteristics. Based on circulation channel characteristics of China’s agricultural products,to promote the healthy development of circulation of agricultural products with local characteristics,it is necessary for us to popularize the circulation pattern of“newdocking of farmers and consumers”with the characteristics of“less links,information sharing,supply and demand docking,and production and marketing convergence”. We should take the circulation of agricultural products with local characteristics as the breakthrough point,formulate the direct supply from origin at the upstream of circulation industrial chain,formulate the sales pattern of taking order as the driving force and physical shops as the experience at the downstream of circulation industrial chain, and establish the modern information platform to exchange and share the related information. The formation of this new circulation pattern should be guaranteed by such mechanisms as interests distribution, supervision, purchase, logistic coordination,sales,and information management;and the development of this pattern should be realized by the innovation of the existed agricultural products transaction pattern,supply and demand pattern,logistic distribution pattern,organization pattern, and product brand to really increase farmers’income,guide consumption demand,improve logistic efficiency,build information platform,and lead industrial associated development.

Key words:agricultural products with local characteristics;circulation channel;new-docking of farmers and consumers; direct supply from origin;targeted marketing

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