Concept,Research Framework and Trend of “New Retail”

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责任编辑:陈诗静 (1.Harbin University of Commerce,Harbin,Heilongjiang150028,China;2.Harbin Normal University,Harbin,


Abstract:New retail is not only a conceptual innovation;it means the emerging new things in the retail industry,namely taking consumers as the center,obtaining all-round data,and improving the efficiency of retail in the form of online and offline integration. The existence of new retail is based on the increasingly developed and perfected technolog and Internet infrastructure; and problems with the development of retail industry also trigger the existence of new retail. New retail related research needs new marketing theories to re-build the relationship among people,goods and freight yard based on such dimensions as new business type,new people,new brand and new technology. The future development of new tail will further realize labor division and cooperation based on the parallel social framework, further realize the digitization of production relation and the zero marginalization of selection cost,right protection cost and transaction cost;and it will always abide by the basic framework of “production relation should be suitable to productivity”.

Key words:new retail;marketing theories;parallel society;digitization;transaction cost

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