New Progress in the Development of Agricultural Products E-commerce:Behavior,Pattern and System

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(Chongqing Technology and Business University,Chongqing400067,China)

Abstract:Over the past years,developing agricultural products e-commerce has already become one of the important paths for us to solve the problems of the imbalanced supply and demand of agricultural products and the inefficient driving force for the sustainable growth of farmers’income in poor rural areas. However,such problems as the high level of homogenization,high transportation cost,low degree of standardization,low degree of trust,low level of safety and the worse business environment have become the main factors hindering the sustainable and healthy development of agricultural products e- commerce and restricting the balanced supply and demand and the continuous growth of farmers’income. The authors review the related research literatures in such three research fields as behavior,pattern and system. It is found that the application of e-commerce, the influencing factors of successful application and operation pattern of agriculture related enterprises is the research focus. With the future micro development of agricultural products e-commerce related research,the deepening of research contents,and the expanded research fields,such problems as the three dimensional decision-maker’s behavior (namely enterprises,consumers and governments),the construction and selection of operation pattern,the influencing mechanism of farmers’social welfare,and the coordination mechanism of agricultural products e-commerce supply chain will become the future focuses of related research.

Key words:agricultural products;the development of e-commerce;behaviors;pattern;system

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