Analysis Framework of Industrial Policy Effectiveness and China's Practice

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(Renmin University of China,Beijing100872,China)

Abstract:Essentially speaking,industrial policy is a kind of macro economic policy,which has the nature of being interventional and institutional;there also exists the effectiveness condition of "policy intervening" or "institution building" in such four dimensions as time,space,industry and government. Since reform and opening up,the multi- level industrial policy framework has made the effectiveness of China's industrial policy to play the regulation role in the medium and long term for the economic and industrial development,and the industrial distribution role for the spatial heterogeneity,which also be influenced by the structure of production factors,industrial relevance,and multi-level government implementation performance. Based on the logic of policy evolution,to further clarify the orientation and promotion role of industrial policy,the future China’s industrial policy formulation and implementation should be based on the precise identification of policy objects,the balanced relationship of fiscal policy,financial policy and regional policy,and the effective institutional environment of information sharing system among government,enterprises and the society,which can guarantee the organization and implementation of industrial policy.

Key words:industrial

policy;condition of effectiveness;interventional;institutional;dimensions and boundary

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