Sharing Economy and Value Creation

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注释: ①本文假定企业已经拥有通用性生产资料,获取该生产资料的成本属于沉没成本。②商品价格当然也受高收入群体初始财富的影响,但我们主要关心低收入群体初始财富与商品购买人数的关系。


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(Renmin University of China,Beijing100872,China)

Abstract:The emerging of the sharing economy,the innovative practice promoted by Internet technology,changes not only the consumers' behavior,but also the business activities and value creation of the enterprises. It directly improves consumers’ welfare and fully takes advantage of idle resources. The authors try to analyze the sharing economy by the classical economics paradigm. The theoretical model includes the sharing economy market and the traditional market,which is used to compare the value creation of ex and post sharing economy. Based on the model,the authors also have some further discussion about the regulation of online cab. The results suggest that the sharing economy improves the value creation by mainly such two ways as resource allocation effect and resource development effect. And the sharing economy,such as online cab,related regulation policy increases the entry difficulty of private car owners,reduces the profit of the platform of online cab,and have uncertain effect on car owners.

Key words:sharing

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