New Era,New Way of Thinking and New Motivation

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提升消费质量,要重视创新的引领作用。流通作为生产和消费的中介环节,在组织生产和促进消费方面发挥着双向引导和调节作用。因此,要通过流通创新,包括流通体制机制创新、流通企业生产运营模式创新、流通方式创新、流通效率提升等,不断增强消费对经济发展的基础性作用。具体来讲,就是要以创新驱动传统企业转型,促进多种方式的线上线下融合,发展全渠道业态;以供 应链创新和应用创新流通方式,提高中高端产品供给能力,积极推动产品生产高端化、绿色化、服务化;以技术创新推进服务创新,注重服务品质提升,创新贸易方式,打造新型贸易业态,培育新业态。


责任编辑:林英泽 (1.China Business and Market,Beijing Wuzi University,Beijing101149,China;2.G30 on Circulation in China,


Abstract:As socialism with Chinese characteristics has entered a new era,the principal contradiction facing Chinese society has evolved. What we now face is the contradiction between unbalanced and inadequate development and the people’s ever- growing needs for a better life. China’s economy has been transitioning from a phase of rapid growth to a stage of highquality development. So we should avoid the problem of path dependence,abandon the old development pattern,and transit to the new development pattern by reform with the guidance of the new way of thinking. We should,first,pay more attention to the role of strong trade country in supporting,take the development of circulation as the the important point to transform the economic development pattern,deepen the institutional reform in circulation,promote modern circulation pattern,make innovation in the business type of circulation,perfect the network of circulation,make the main body of circulation to be stronger,and improve the efficiency of circulation;second,we should further promote the development of “Internet + circulation”,strengthen the weakness of commerce trade service industry in rural areas,small and medium cities and communities,and solve the moral problems,and such problem as the lack of credit system,as so on;third,we should combine the reform both in the demand and supply side,improve the quality of supply,improve the mechanism that can be used to promote consumption,optimize consumption service structure,make innovation in the formulation of policy for consumption, and improve the quality of consumption;fourth,we should promote the transformation of traditional enterprises with the help of innovation,promote the diversified integration of online and offline,and develop the omni- channel business type;fifth,we should make innovation in the circulation pattern with the help of supply chain and the application,improve the capacity for supply in terms of medium-and-high-end product,and promote the high-end,green,service-oriented production;and sixth, we should promote innovation in service with the help of innovation in technology,and establish the new trade business type to enhance the fundamental role of consumption in promoting economic development.

Key words:transform the pattern of development;Internet + circulation;the mechanism that can be used to promote con⁃ sumption;supply side;demand side;new motivation

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