Research on Measurement of the Input-output Efficiency of Listed Companies in Blockchain Concept Based on BCC-DEA

LI Xiao-mei and SUN Hui

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(Liaoning University of Technology,Jinzhou121001,China) Abstract:With the continuous deepening and development of new technologies such as block chain and IOT,digital economy has become a new type of economic social development;especially,the block chain has become the new target in informatization construction in the new era,and the new core force to promote the high quality development of China's digital economy. As the result,the Block Chain concept shares attract much more attention. Therefore,it is of great economic significance to deeply understand the input-output efficiency of China's Block Chain listed companies. Based on the data of 65 listed companies in Block Chain concept from 2014 to 2016,the size of the variable remuneration data envelopment analysis (DEA)method,the authors calculate the input-output efficiency. The results show that:first,the input-output efficiency of 65 listed companies have significant differences in terms of industries and regions,the efficiency level of 21 niche business accounted for 33.8% of the software service industry is not outstanding,and the comprehensive agricultural industry has the highest one;second,there are only seven enterprises on the optimal production frontier surface of input-output efficiency,which accounted for only 10.8% of sample enterprises;third,there is still room for improvement in the input-output efficiency of some listed companies with diseconomies of scale,or pure technical inefficiency,or scale inefficiency. To better improve the inputoutput efficiency of listed companies in Block Chain concept,we should,first,increase resources utilization efficiency,increase investment in technological resources,accelerate transformation of scientific and technological achievements,and increase enterprise technological efficiency and pure technological efficiency;second,we should increase investment in technological R&D and strengthen innovation in Block Chain related technology and business;and third,we should strengthen government support and integration,and pay more attention to supervision on related listed companies.

Key words:Block Chain;listed companies in concept shares;input-output efficiency;Data envelopment analysis(DEA)

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