Research on the Joint Distribution Operation Model of Rural E-business based on Sharing Logistics

ZHAO Guang-hua

China Business and Market - - NEWS -

(Zhejiang University of Finance and Economics,Hangzhou310018,China)

Abstract:Joint distribution is the important way for us to solve the problem of low efficiency and high cost at the end of ebusiness in rural areas; but the design and selection of proper joint distribution operation mode is the key to enhance the efficiency of joint distribution. The author puts forward four kinds of operation mode of joint distribution,such as joint distribution operation model based on shared resources factors,“O2O platform + information sharing”operation model,“4PL+X” contractual mass subcontract operation model and“e- commerce collect- distribution station set in villages- small towns + Intelligent self- extracting cabinet”operation model. Though each of them has different applicability,the orderly operation and sustainable development of either of them should be supported by 4PL joint distribution alliance and information sharing platform. To ensure the smooth implementation of joint distribution operation model,we should strengthen the construction of rural logistics infrastructure,establish rural logistics information platform and mechanism of information sharing,build the 4PL joint distribution alliance,focus on the construction of village-level stand of agglomeration-distribution goods,strengthen training of rural logistics talent,and improve the ability of village "the first one kilometer" on the agglomeration-distribution goods,etc.

Key words:sharing logistics;rural e-commerce;joint distribution;e-commerce logistics;4PL

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