Analysis on the Generation and Development of Sharing Retailing Based on the Long Tail Theory

China Business and Market - - NEWS - LAN Hai-yan1,LIU Xiao-wei1 and LIU Xu-ye2

(1.Liaoning University of Technology,Jinzhou120001,China;2.Wuhan Donghu University,Wuhan430212,China)

Abstract:The long tail theory is a new concept born under the Internet economy. When the goods was no longer restricted by shelf space and circulation area,the small demand requirements,namely the long tail requirements,can be satisfied. The sum long tail demand is enough to compete with the best selling goods market. It will become new competitive advantage of the Internet enterprise. Starting from Gome's sharing retailing practice,and based on the long tail theory,the authors find that: essentially,sharing retailing isthe integration of sharing economy and the retail business,which can get through the boundary of online and offline channels,and form multiple consumption scenarios meeting the needs of popularization and differentiation. It relies on the professional platform,take advantage of the small group communication and sharing of social network,expand the long tail information circle of the sharing retailing industry,and increase the volume of the platform. As a new form of Internet economy,its development speed exceeds the public's cognitive ability. Though it is confronted with such problems as the lack of laws,improper supervision and insufficient credit evaluation,with the improvement of policy environment,the development problems will be effectively solved for shared retailing as well as sharing economy. When Gome's strategic layout is completed, sharing retailing will have a profound impact on Chinese retail enterprises and the long tail market may become a new profit growth point for enterprises.

Key words:sharing retailing;long tail theory;sharing economy;online and offline;the business form of retailing

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