Brand al­liance can give plas­tic surgery a health­ier im­age


brands formed an al­liance on June 28, promis­ing all the tools and ma­te­ri­als they use are le­gal and safe. Le­gal Daily com­ments:

The found­ing of the brand al­liance echoes the ac­tion plan the Na­tional Com­mis­sion for Health and Fam­ily Plan­ning is­sued with six other min­istries in May, ac­cord­ing to which spe­cial mea­sures will be taken from then to April 2018 to crack down on il­le­gal plas­tic surgery prac­tices. But it is also a self-reg­u­la­tory mea­sure that will help in­crease cus­tomers’ trust of the cos­metic surgery in­dus­try, which has been boom­ing in China in re­cent years.

Data show that there are more than 10,000 plas­tic surgery fa­cil­i­ties in China, and the size of the plas­tic surgery mar­ket is ex­pected to ex­ceed 800 bil­lion yuan ($117.6 bil­lion) in 2019.

How­ever, the fast ex­pand­ing mar­ket is rather chaotic at the moment, and some un­scrupu­lous com­pa­nies use coun­ter­feit and shoddy ma­te­ri­als, which pose health risks. As a re­sult, quite a num­ber of peo­ple have suf­fered from health prob­lems, even dis­fig­ure­ment, af­ter their plas­tic surgery.

Many le­gal plas­tic surgery providers are vic­tims of the il­licit deeds of a few, be­cause cus­tomers’ trust of the whole in­dus­try is ru­ined. That’s why the found­ing of the brand al­liance is wel­come — it marks a solid step to­ward self-reg­u­la­tion of the in­dus­try and will help re­gain the public’s trust.

How­ever, the au­thor­i­ties need to take long-term mea­sures to reg­u­late the mar­ket. Those who vi­o­late the law should re­ceive their de­served penalty, while black­lists should be es­tab­lished so that they won’t be able to en­ter the in­dus­try again. A long-term reg­u­la­tory mech­a­nism is more im­por­tant than tem­po­rary cam­paigns.

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