Stu­dents’ sum­mer put-up jobs only cheat them­selves

China Daily (Hong Kong) - - COMMENT - SUM­MER IS THE SEA­SON

for in­tern­ships, and many col­lege stu­dents are in­tern­ing in com­pa­nies or gov­ern­men­tal de­part­ments. How­ever, some on­line shops are re­port­edly sell­ing in­tern­ship cer­tifi­cates to stu­dents who never ac­tu­ally do an in­tern­ship. China Youth Daily com­ments:

Why are there peo­ple sell­ing fake cer­tifi­cates? The an­swer is sim­ple. There is de­mand for them. How­ever, the prac­tice has de­val­ued in­tern­ships, and led to more stu­dents opt­ing to pur­chase a cer­tifi­cate as they do not see the need for an in­tern­ship to prove their abil­i­ties and ad­van­tages.

But by not do­ing an in­tern­ship stu­dents do not learn work­place eti­quette. So by fal­si­fy­ing in­tern­ship cer­tifi­cates, the stu­dents are ac­tu­ally cheat­ing them­selves. They do not gain any work ex­pe­ri­ence and they do not get any pay.

How­ever, a large num­ber of col­lege stu­dents ap­pear to have pur­chased the false cer­tifi­cates. Why? The an­swer lies, first of all, with the col­leges. The ma­jor­ity of col­leges re­quire their stu­dents to at­tend in­tern­ships as a pre­req­ui­site for grad­u­a­tion, yet they sel­dom check the in­tern­ship cer­tifi­cates that their stu­dents hand in.

Sec­ond, some col­lege stu­dents fal­sify their in­tern­ship ex­pe­ri­ences to make their re­sumes look bet­ter, in the hope of get­ting a bet­ter job on grad­u­a­tion.

To solve the prob­lem of the fake in­tern­ship cer­tifi­cates, col­leges need to check the au­then­tic­ity of the in­tern­ship cer­tifi­cates handed in by stu­dents and pun­ish those who buy false ones.

Be­sides, it is time for col­leges to offer bet­ter guid­ance ser­vices to stu­dents seek­ing in­tern­ships. For ex­am­ple, they could forge re­la­tion­ships with com­pa­nies or gov­ern­men­tal de­part­ments for in­tern­ship po­si­tions, and help match them with stu­dents

Of course, the stu­dents’ rights and le­gal in­ter­ests must be fully pro­tected dur­ing the process. Some vo­ca­tional schools re­port­edly send their stu­dents to work in fac­to­ries on very low wages. The fac­to­ries de­rive ad­di­tional profit in this way and trans­fer some of the prof­its to the col­leges in­volved. This prac­tice must be curbed.

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