Are pangs of child­birth greater than hap­pi­ness?

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The pain was sud­den and so se­vere that I let out a loud “ah!” As the nurse raised the charge and the pain grew, I felt like a pow­er­ful hand was twist­ing ev­ery­thing in my stom­ach. I was beyond winc­ing. Be­fore my mind went blank, I re­mem­ber cry­ing out “stop”.

I was per­spir­ing pro­fusely when I got hold of my senses and it took me 5 min­utes to get back upon my feet.

Some other men who un­der­went the sim­u­lated la­bor de­scribed it as “hell”.

The pro­gram is de­signed to give men an idea of the pain women go through dur­ing child­birth. It was or­ga­nized by the hos­pi­tal where my wife is to give birth. And it is aimed at mak­ing hus­bands and wives bet­ter un­der­stand each other.

I had heard la­bor pain is the most se­vere pain a hu­man goes through. Now I know why.

The pro­gram also in­cludes other ex­pe­ri­ences such as mak­ing the men wear a stuffed vest and sleep on their left side through­out the night — some­thing that al­most every preg­nant woman has to do.

Such pro­grams that al­low men to get a “taste” of the pain and dis­com­fort women go through dur­ing child­birth have be­come pop­u­lar over the past cou­ple of years.

On March 8, 2014 (In­ter­na­tional Women’s Day), Chongqing Daily con­ducted a sur­vey on men’s knowl­edge about child­birth, and asked 13,424 men whether they would like to ex­pe­ri­ence some of the pain of child­bear­ing. About 19 per­cent of the re­spon­dents said they would.

The pro­gram is de­signed to give men an idea of the pain women go through dur­ing child­birth ... Let’s hope more men are will­ing to get to know the pain women ex­pe­ri­ence giv­ing birth.

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