Fire in­spec­tions of com­mu­ni­ties must be stricter

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SINCE THE BE­GIN­NING of July, Xi’an-based news­pa­per Chi­nese Busi­ness View has pub­lished a se­ries of re­ports about lo­cal com­mu­ni­ties and re­veal­ing quite a num­ber of them lack proper fire pre­ven­tion ar­range­ments. The news­pa­per com­ments:

Fire pre­ven­tion is of the ut­most im­por­tance. That’s why the law re­quires the fire pre­ven­tion fa­cil­i­ties and ar­range­ments in res­i­den­tial com­mu­ni­ties to be checked reg­u­larly.

How­ever, the sit­u­a­tion is rather bad in cer­tain com­mu­ni­ties in Xi’an. Some have their fire ex­its blocked, the fire hy­drants of some need re­pair­ing, and the prop­erty man­age­ment staff of some have not re­ceived train­ing about what to do if there is a fire.

It should be noted that the fail­ure of one com­mu­nity in fire pre­ven­tion may threaten others. If a fire breaks out in one com­mu­nity and the com­mu­nity fails to ex­tin­guish it, the fire might spread to neigh­bor­ing com­mu­ni­ties.

Re­ports show that there are two main prob­lems. First, some com­mu­ni­ties have never passed the fire pre­ven­tion tests, yet they still al­low peo­ple to re­side in the build­ings. That prac­tice is against the Fire Pre­ven­tion Law.

Sec­ond, some com­mu­ni­ties have passed fire pre­ven­tion tests, but have failed to main­tain their fire hy­drants, sprinkler sys­tems and other fire­fight­ing sys­tems. As a re­sult, even though they get an “OK” in the fire pre­ven­tion tests, if a fire does break out it can­not be ex­tin­guished.

In both cases peo­ple think they are be­ing pro­tected when ac­tu­ally they are not.

It is time to cor­rect these wrongs. The lo­cal law en­forcers must be stricter with com­mu­ni­ties that fail fire pre­ven­tion tests, and hold more fre­quent in­spec­tions, so as to en­sure that fire pre­ven­tion ar­range­ments of res­i­den­tial com­mu­ni­ties are ef­fec­tive.

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