Few tak­ers for a dif­fer­ent type of ab­sorbent

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Tam­pons oc­cupy a small cor­ner of the shelves of fem­i­nine hy­giene prod­ucts in China’s stores as san­i­tary pads By hold FANFEIFEIa dom­i­nant po­si­tion, per­haps be­cause of Chi­nese women’s lack of aware­ness Tam­pons about oc­cupy thea small product cor­neror it­sof the proper shelvesuse. of fem­i­nine hy­giene prod­ucts Tam­pons in are China’s rel­a­tively stores newas san­i­tary for Chi­nese pads wom­en­hold a and dom­i­nant China’s po­si­tion, tam­pon per­haps­mar­ket lags be­cause be­hind of that Chi­ne­seof the Unit­ed­women’s States lack and of European aware­ness coun­tries. about Plus,the product tam­pons or are its not proper read­ily use. avail­able in China. Tam­pons are rel­a­tively new for Chi­ne­seNow, a women hy­giene and product China’s maker tam­pon in Cen­tral mar­ket China’s lags He­nan be­hind provincethat of has­the Unit­ed­vowed to States change and all that. European coun­tries. Fu Plus, Wan­qun, tam­pons gen­eral are man­ager­not read­ily of avail­able XinXiang in Chang­shengChina. Hy­giene Prod­ucts Now, Co, a has hy­giene in­tro­duced product tam­pons,maker in Cen­tral­called Dan­bishuang, China’sHe­nan to provincethe Chi­ne­se­has vowed mar­ket. to Fu change­says theall that. com­pany’s tar­get Fu cus­tomers Wan­qun, are gen­eral ur­ban man­ager white-col­larof XinXiangfe­male work­ers, Chang­sheng­who are well Hy­giene ed­u­cated, Prod­uct­sand wom­enCo, has who in­tro­duced­have lived abroad­tam­pons, for a cer­tain called pe­riod Dan­bishuang,and re­turnedto the to Chi­ne­seChina. mar­ket. Fu says the com­pany’s “Still, tar­getwe don’t cus­tom­er­sex­pect most are Chi­ne­seur­ban white-col­lar­women to ac­cept fe­male the work­ers,tam­pon in who the are short well term. ed­u­cated,To in­crease and tam­pon women sales,who we need to raise women’s aware­ness about the ad­van­tages of us­ing tam­pons in­stead of san­i­tary pads,” Fu says.

Tam­pons are of­ten sold in drug­stores, for ex­am­ple, to treat gy­ne­co­logic in­flam­ma­tion by us­ing them as an­ticer­vi­cal ero­sion sup­pos­i­tory, Fu says. “The Chi­nese tam­pon mar­ket is still in the in­fant stage, and the re­quire­ments for tam­pon pro­duc­tion are much higher than those for san­i­tary pads.”

XinXiang Chang­sheng prod­ucts are now sold through e-com­merce plat­form Taobao.com, an Alibaba ven­ture, and range from nor­mal men­stru­a­tion tam­pons to medic­i­nal and cus­tomized ones. Their prices vary from 0.38 yuan ($0.06) to 1.8 yuan each. “Tam­pons have some ad­van­tage over san­i­tary pads. For in­stance, they are eas­ier to carry and give greater phys­i­cal free­dom to women dur­ing their men­strual pe­riod,” Fu says.

The United States-based John­son & John­son’s O.B. tam­pons have been avail­able in China’s su­per­mar­kets or per­sonal care and beauty chain stores since 1993. But other for­eign brands, such as Proc­ter & Gam­ble, have given up the idea of ex­pand­ing their tam­pon mar­ket to China, be­cause the lack of sex ed­u­ca­tion among Chi­nese women has made them What averse weto use couldof tam­pons do — is someto even are afraid that they will lose their vir­gin­ity changeby us­ing women’s tam­pons. con­ven­tional

Med­i­cal ex­perts warn that im­proper use of tam­pons be­lief­s­could lead andto death from toxic shock syn­drome, but such a grad­u­al­ly­pos­si­bil­ity is very mak­er­are. them

“For­eign brands have 70 to 80 per­cent see the ad­van­tages of of the mar­ket share in China, and do­mes­tic brands are in a dis­ad­van­ta­geous us­ing tam­pons.” po­si­tion. Be­sides, the ac­cep­tance rate of tam­pons among Chi­nese FUWANQUN, women gen­eral is man­agervery low of … XinXian­git will take Chang­shengtwo to Hy­gien­ethree years Prod­ucts­for theCo tam­pon mar­ket in China to show signs of rapid growth.” Fu says. “What we could do 2018,is to change­from 57.71 women’s bil­lion con­ven­tion­a­lyuan ($8.7 bil­lion)be­liefs andin 2013 grad­u­al­lyto 84.95 make bil­lion them yuan see in the 2018. ad­van­tagesIn 2013, of the us­ing mar­ket tam­pons.” value of tam­pons Ac­cord­ing was to about mar­ket $190 re­search mil­lion; firm in con­trast,Min­tel, the san­i­taryre­tail val­uepad sale­sof fem­i­ninereached $7.6 hy­giene bil­lion. prod­ucts in China is ex­pected to A in­creaseBosi 47 Data per­cent Re­searchby 2018, Cen­ter from 57.71 bil­lion yuan ($8.7 bil­lion) in 2013 to 84.95 bil­lion yuan in 2018.


The re­quire­ments for tam­pon pro­duc­tion are much higher than those for san­i­tary pads.


San­i­tary pads hold a dom­i­nant po­si­tion in China’s mar­kets.

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