Coal gives way to tech­nol­ogy

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d41b5-o3i4le8r-8s2t8o8­make use oF­faxn:i4t1r5o-g3e4n8-8c3o8m8­bus­tion tech­nol­ogy. The city has eSliEmAiTnTaLteEd 4,453 coal-fired b8o0i0leFrif­sth­foArveh,Seaui­tien4g10103,259 met­ric tons of wa­ter per hour this year, the city’s en­vi­ron­men­tal pro­tec­tion bureau said. At the same time, im­prove­ments have been made to 7,000 gas boil­ers heat­ing 23,000 T/h, so less ni­tro­gen ox­ide will be pro­duced. As a re­sult, the city has man­aged to cCutAmNoAreDtAhaTnO1R0O,0N0T0O­tons o4f7n11iY­torongeeSn­troex­eitd,1e0,th3Fm­looil­r­lTiornont­toon,Os­not­far­cio,aMl,25N,56K080 tons of smoke and 6,600 tons of sul­fur diox­ide this year.

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