Effect of longitudinal vibration of fluid-filled pipe with elastic wall on sound transmission character

Chinese Journal of Ship Research - - 韩聪等:基于 -

DONG Peng1,CHEN Zhigang2,GONG Qiang2,LU Xuesong3 1 Naval Armament Department of PLAN,Beijing 100071,China 2 China Ship Development and Design Center,Wuhan 430064,China 3 College of Underwater Acoustic Engineering,Harbin Engineering University,Harbin 150001,China

When one end of a fluid-filled pipe with an elastic wall is fixed and a harmonic force effect Abstract: acts on the other end,a steady longitudinal vibration will be produced. Compared to the pipeline resonance mode,the amplitude of the steady longitudinal vibration of an elastic pipe is greater,and the effect on the sound is also greater. The study of the steady longitudinal vibration of pipes can better describe the effects of fluid-filled pipelines on the radiation sound field of the pipe opening. Through the contrast between the analysis calculation of the equivalent beam model and the experimental results,the accuracy of the equivalent beam model for the calculation of the steady longitudinal vibration of pipelines is verified,and a method of isolating the steady longitudinal vibration state is proposed and verified. words:fluid-filled pipe with elastic wall;sound transmission characteristics;steady longitudinal Key vibration

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