Modeling and simulation of five DOF motions for SWATH ships

Chinese Journal of Ship Research - - 罗天等:基于 -

MA Jianwen,ZHANG Anxi,ZHOU Zhaoxin,GUO Shaoyi Maritime College,Shandong Jiaotong University,Weihai 264029,China

Abstract:To develop marine simulators of Small Waterplane Area Twin Hull (SWATH) ships and gain a better understanding of the maneuverability of the SWATH, a mathematical model with five Degree of Freedom(DOF)for SWATH has been established, in which the surge, sway, yaw, roll and pitch motions are all considered. The characteristics of the SWATH ship form and the hydrodynamic interaction among the twin bodies, twin propellers and twin rudders are taken into consideration on the basis of the three DOF maneuvering mathematical model. To verify the effectiveness of the modeling and ensure the use of the model in marine handling simulators, a detailed model is tentatively established on the basis of empirical formulas. Based on the acquired results, tests were performed to simulate the steady turning and zigzag motions of the ship. The results are in accordance with regular pattern and trend of motion of SWATH ships. This verifies the effectiveness of the mathematical model of the turning movement. Key words:Small Waterplane Area Twin Hull(SWATH);five degree of freedom;marine simulator; numerical simulation

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