A method for maintained part oriented visibility analysis

Chinese Journal of Ship Research - - 罗天等:基于 -

FANG Xiongbing,LI Taotao China Ship Development and Design Center,Wuhan 430064,China Abstract:To by pass the limitation of the human eyes oriented analysis approach, a maintenance part ori⁃ ented visibility analysis method for maintenance simulation is proposed in this paper by taking the coupling relations among the visibility, accessibility, and operation space into account. Firstly, the general work flow of the traditional human eyes oriented analysis technique is analyzed. Secondly, a new work flow that uses points on the maintained part as vertexes to generate visibility cones to help the visibility analysis is brought forward. The functional elements of the flow are further analyzed in detail. Finally, the function module based on the maintained part oriented visibility analysis is designed and implemented with Tcl/Tk and Jackscript programming languages in the Jack simulation software. Simulation examples indicate that the proposed method helps confirm the appropriate standing positions and body postures efficiently when inspecting and validating the maintained part's visibility. The method is helpful for improving the efficiency of analyzing and validating visibility index under complex environment . Key words:maintained part;virtual human;visibility analysis;view cones;Jack software

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