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Scientific consciousness:an important dimension in ship innovation WU Chongjian(1) Structural and acoustic response due to excitation from ship stern: overview and suggestions for future research 6) HUA Hongxing,YU Qiang( ) Active noise control technique and its application on ships 17 CHEN Kean( Application of system concept in vibration and noise reduction 22 SHENG Meiping WANG Minqing LI Qiaojiao( ) Design and optimization of sound package using FE-SEA numerical reverberation method 26 YANG Deqing,SHI Jiaxin ,YU Yang( ) Acoustic performance design and optimal allocation of sound package in ship cabin noise reduction 35 YANG Deqing,XU Zixuan,GAO Chu( ) Damping layout optimization for ship's cabin noise reduction based on statistical energy analysis et a(l 41) WU Weiguo,WEI Jiezheng,LIN Yongshui, Acoustic design method of ship's cabin based on geometrical acoustics 49 FENG Aijing WEI Qiang ZHANG Daha(i ) Low-noise hydraulic power unit design based on vibration modal and transfer function analysis et a(l 55) SUN Yinghui,LI Zhiyin,LI Jia, Analytical research of vibration and far-field acoustic radiation of cylindrical shell immersed at finite depth Xiang,et a(l 62) GUO Wenjie,LI Tianyun,ZHU Numerical calculation of acoustic radiation from band-vibrating structures via FEM/FAQP method 71 GAO Honglin,LI Sheng( ) Numerical method for calculating sound radiation characteristics of plate structure excited by turbulent boundary layer 76 LI Zuhui CHEN Meixia ( ) Prediction of waterjet excited underwater radiated noise by boundary element method Mingyu,et al 83 LIU Qiang,WANG Yongsheng,ZHANG ( ) Accuracy verification and analysis of SEA method for calculating radiation noise pressure of submerged cylindrical shell Qidou,et a(l 89) ZHANG Kai,JI Gang,ZHOU Vibration analysis of multi-span beam system under arbitrary boundary and coupling conditions 95 ZHENG Chaofan,WU Xiaoguang,ZHANG Cheng( ) Free vibration characteristics analysis of rectangular plate with rectangular opening based on Fourier series method Yongkang,et a(l 102) WANG Minhao,LI Kai,QIU Calculation method for natural vibration frequency of stern cabin in oceanographic research vessel 110) LIU Xi 'an,WU Guangming,LI Weijie( Experiments of opening and cavity shear flow-induced vibration and structural coupling resonance et a(l 117 XIONG Jishi,LV Shijin,QIU Changlin, ) Experimental research into active control of low-frequency line spectral disturbances in liquid-filled pipe Wei,et a(l 122) SUN Yunping SUN Hongling ZHANG Measurement method of reverberation field reciprocity parameter Xiaoyue(128) SUN Jundong, SHANG Dajing, SUN Measurement and analysis of self-noise in hybrid-driven underwater gliders Ling(132 ………LIU Lu,XIAO ) Research and application of abnormal noise source positioning experiment based on double cylindrical shell Lilin,et a(l 140 LI Ruibiao,XU Rongwu,CUI ) Near-field and high-resolution cylindrical noise source location method based on vector sound pressure array Huan(147) ZUO Xiang,CHEN

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