Application of system concept in vibration and noise reduction

Chinese Journal of Ship Research - - 陈克安:有源噪声控制技术及其在舰船中的应用 -

SHENG Meiping,WANG Minqing,LI Qiaojiao School of Marine Science and Technology,Northwestern Polytechnical University,Xi'an 710072,China

Abstract:Although certain vibration and noise control technologies are maturing, such as vibration absorption, vibration isolation, sound absorption and sound insulation, and new methods for specific frequency bands or special environments have been proposed unceasingly, there is still no guarantee that practical effective vibration and noise reduction can be obtained. An important constraint for vibration and noise reduction is the lack of a system concept, and the integrity and relevance of such practical systems as ship structure have not obtained enough attention. We have tried to use the system engineering theory in guiding vibration and noise reduction, and have already achieved certain effects. Based on the system concept, the noise control of a petroleum pipeline production workshop has been completed satisfactorily, and the abnormal noise source identification of an airplane has been accomplished successfully. We want to share our experience and suggestions to promote the popularization of the system engineering theory in vibration and noise control. Key words:vibration and noise reduction;acoustic design;system engineering;way of thinking

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