Application of analytical target cascading method in multidisciplinary design optimization of ship conceptual design

Chinese Journal of Ship Research - - 目 次 -

……………………………………………………… WANG Jian,XIE Wei,WANG Tao,et a(l 22)

WANG Jian1,XIE Wei1,WANG Tao1,LIU Xiaojun2 1 China Ship Development and Design Center,Wuhan 430064,China 2 Special Equipment Safety Supervision Inspection Institute of Jiangsu Province,Zhenjian 212000,China

Abstract:[Objectives]Ship conceptual design requires the coordination of many different disciplines for comprehensive optimization, which presents a complicated system design problem affecting several fields of technology. However, the development of overall ship design is relatively slow compared with other subjects. [Methods] The decomposition and coordination strategy of ship design is presented, and the analytical target cascading (ATC) method is applied to the multidisciplinary design optimization of the conceptual design phase of ships on this basis. A tank ship example covering the 5 disciplines of buoyancy and stability, rapidity, maneuverability, capacity and economy is established to illustrate the analysis process in the present study.[Results]The results demonstrate the stability, convergence and validity of the ATC method in dealing with the complex coupling effect occurring in ship conceptual design.[Conclusions] The proposed method provides an effective basis for optimization of ship conceptual design. Key words:analytical target cascading(ATC) method; multidisciplinary design optimization; decomposition and coordination strategy;ship conceptual design

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