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Upgrading Construction of Huazhong Medicinal Botanical Garden from

Perspective of Selenium ········· GUO Han-jiu, HE Yin-sheng, LU Chao, et al (1) Research Progress and Necessity Analysis on Construction of Medical Quality Evaluation Index System in Integrated Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospitals ······································ LI Yi, SHEN Zhi-bi, YIN Jian-peng (5) Clinical Applicability Assessment on Traditional Chinese Medicine Clinical Practice Guideline of Perirectal Abscess (ZYYXH/T322-341-2012) ············· ······················································ FENG Wen-zhe, SONG Ji-gang (9) Preliminary Study on Construction of TCM Emotion Music Treatment Database

············································· XU Rui, HOU Xue-yan, LI Chun, et al (12) Clinical Study on Yiqi Fumai and Zixin Yangyin Prescription Combined with Captopril for Treatment of Children’s HFMD Complicated with Viral Myocarditis ················· FAN Rong, MU Ya-ning, KANG Shu-hong, et al (17) Clinical Study on Shugan Hewei Formula for Treatment of Cancer-related

Depression ················· WANG Hai-ming, LI Shao-dan, WANG Mao-yun (22) Clinical Study on Qingfei Sanjie Pills Combined with Targeted Cryoablation Therapy for Treatment of Elderly Patients with Advanced Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer ············· WEI Ya-qiang, ZHANG Xiao-fei, WANG Hai-yan (26) Clinical Study on Yiqi Qufeng Formula for Treatment of Cough Variant Asthma

······························································· YAN Xiong, WANG Qi (30) Effects of GBE50 on Hemodynamics and TNF-α Pathway in Myocardial Tissue of Rats with Acute Blood Stasis Syndrome ············································· ··········································· JIANG Li, YANG Zi-ping, BAO Yi-min (34) Effects of Heyutai Fuzhu Jiangtang Tablets Combined with Metformin on Insulin Resistance in Skeletal Muscle of Diabetic Rats ······································ ·································· XU Guang-yuan, SUN Wen, SONG Zi-lin, et al (39) Effects of Moxibustion at Different Temperatures on Blood Lipids and TRPV1 mRNA in Dorsal Root Ganglion with Hyperlipidemia Rats ······················ ······················ WANG Gui-ying, WANG Yao-shuai, GAO Jian-yun, et al (44) Effects of Rule Granules on Breast Tissue, Sex Hormones and Receptor Expression of Mammary Glands Hyperplasia Rats ································ ··················································· ZHAO Xian, HOU Mi, QIAO Di (48) Effects of Acupuncture Treatment on HPA Axis Related Hormones in Insomnia

Rats ······················· WU Xue-fen, YUE Zeng-hui, ZHENG Xue-na, et al (53) Evaluation of Quality Coherence of Trillium tschonoskii Maxim. from Different Producing Areas Based on HPLC Fingerprint and PCA ·························· ································· CHEN Jie, CHEN Wen-xi, GUO Wen-ding, et al (58)

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