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Contemporary Literary Criticism - - 批评与阐释 -

A Double Transcendence of the Ancient and Western Poetic Cultures:My View on the Traditions of

New Poetry Movement / Wu Sijing 4

On the Issues and Key Terms of Ethical Literary Criticism / Zou Jianjun 7

Free Reading and Mellow Writing:An Interview with Professor Sun Yu / Jing Wei 13

On the Cross - cultural Interpretation of Comparative Poetics / Ye Cao,Yang Hongqi 20

The Standard Form and Variations of Fiction Genre in the Perspective of Typology

/ Zhang Yonglu,Ge Hongbing 26

On the " Literary Redemption" in the Perspective of Ecological Criticism / Zhang Shouhai 30

Emotional Intuition:The Starting Point of Semiotic - phenomenological Study of Emoticons / Tan Guanghui 42 " Digital Audience" and " Digital Narrative":On the Construction of New Media Narrative Paradigm

/ Wang Qiang 47

Taking Literary Editing as a Lifelong Career:An Interview with He Rui,the Former Editor - in - Chief of

Shan Hua / Xing Lifeng 62

Contemporary Chinese Literature in the French Perspective / Chen Xi 70

Don't Kidnap Aesthetic Education in the Name of " Art Education" / Wang Que 80

Selected Issues in the Historical Study of Chinese Traditional Aesthetic Education / Zhao Qiang 84

The Cross - disciplinary Movement and Expression:A Case Study of Zhang Manling's Literary Creation

/ Tian Ni 109

The Emotional Structure of the New Urban Youth:On Ma Xiaotao's Self - acting and Introversive Revolt

/ Liu Daxian 126

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