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For most ac­tion stars, 60 is a dif­fi­cult age to con­tinue their ca­reer. Yet, the 63-year-old Jackie Chan just fin­ished his last ac­tion thriller The For­eigner, to­gether with 74-year-old di­rec­tor Martin Camp­bell and 64-year-old ac­tor Pierce Bros­nan.

Ar­guably the most fa­mous Chi­nese star in the world, Chan rose to fame with his unique ac­tion style.

“Though they were not that gaudy or ex­cit­ing like scenes of ex­plo­sions, au­di­ences still liked my per­for­mances,” Chan said in an in­ter­view with Peo­ple’s Daily, adding that peo­ple’s pref­er­ence for him ended up mak­ing him “a su­per­hero from China.”

Chan ex­plained that while some kung fu stars prac­tice spe­cific martial arts school, his style is more mixed, in­cor­po­rat­ing el­e­ments from both north­ern and south­ern schools, as well as styles from other coun­tries and re­gions.

“I have stud­ied Bak Mei, Wing Chun, as well as [Korean] Hap­kido,” Chan said. “It was a time when there were no iPads, com­put­ers, or even karaoke. I had no other way to en­ter­tain my­self ex­cept to train.”

Chan sees his mix­ture of var­i­ous martial arts as a good thing.

“There are too many schools in China, so I think we should con­sider how to cre­ate a mixed style called Chi­nese kung fu,” Chan said, adding that this style might be eas­ier for the world to ac­cept.

Chan at­tributes au­di­ence’s in­ter­est in kung fu to Bruce Lee, as well as the hard work of his fol­low­ers. He noted that though kung fu had been pop­u­lar in a few places in the US, this pop­u­lar­ity never lasted that long un­til Lee came on the scene.

“All of a sud­den, a great num­ber of peo­ple be­came in­ter­ested in kung fu,” Chan noted.

Al­though he is get­ting up there in years, Chan said he still works out, al­though his rou­tine mainly con­sists of light ex­er­cise with slow move­ments. He ex­plained that since he has a solid foun­da­tion al­ready, he doesn’t worry too much so long as he can keep his body flex­i­ble.

When asked if he con­sid­ered fo­cus­ing on films out­side the ac­tion genre Chan said the pos­si­bil­ity oc­curred to him.

“Of course I like art films too, but there seem to be few roles that are the right fit for me,” Chan said. “And I like ro­mance films, too, which has those scenes of peo­ple strolling on the beach, singing love songs and kiss­ing, but no one has asked me to do that.”

Yet Chan seems happy about his close con­nec­tion to ac­tion films. The star noted that he per­son­ally be­lieves that these types of films are the only ones that can truly be ac­cepted glob­ally “by peo­ple from dif­fer­ent eth­nic groups and na­tions and who speak dif­fer­ent lan­guages.”

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Pro­mo­tional ma­te­rial for The For­eigner

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