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As we ven­ture to­wards the park’s grassy lawn for our shoot, the sun is high in the sky and the ever-game women of ca­ter­ing ser­vice Rel­ish Kitchen are laden with de­li­cious dishes. Ev­i­dently, pack­ing for a pic­nic isn’t al­ways as easy as toss­ing a few sand­wiches and a bot­tle of wine into a bas­ket, then head­ing out the door – although there’s no rea­son why a ca­sual sum­mer meal can’t be that if you so de­sire. At Rel­ish Kitchen, how­ever, the key is pair­ing sim­ple, out­door-friendly in­gre­di­ents with a touch of cre­ativ­ity.

"We picked re­ally sim­ple, sum­mery foods," says Rel­ish Kitchen’s cre­ative di­rec­tor, Taryne Napoli­tano, ex­plain­ing the day’s menu. "You want to make sure the food won’t get com­pro­mised on the way, hence choos­ing greens such as wa­ter­cress and snow pea shoots, which won’t wilt un­der the dress­ing. Sea­son your salad with shards of pre­served lemons rather than a heavy dress­ing that would kill the leaves by the time you shake your blan­ket onto the grass."

While Rel­ish Kitchen’s culi­nary reper­toire fea­tures canapés and fine-din­ing dishes as well as ca­sual feasts, sim­ple, hon­est cook­ing is where its chefs truly shine. "We tin­kered briefly with molec­u­lar gas­tron­omy," re­veals Taryne. "But we pre­fer to con­cen­trate our ef­forts on re­fin­ing sim­ple tech­niques. My mother brought us up on a su­per-healthy diet and I find this is still a big in­flu­ence on the way I cook."

往公園嫩綠草地進發準備拍攝時,太陽高掛天上、Rel­ish Kitchen到會服務的專業女士們紛紛忙於佈置美味食品。事實證明,野餐不盡是把三文治和酒往籃裡拋去、走到戶外即成,但當然,如你喜愛輕鬆享用聚餐,悠閒隨意的夏日美食又有何不可?Rel­ish Kitchen的關鍵在於配搭簡單、適合戶外享用的創意食品。

「我們選的是滿載夏日情感的簡單美食。」Rel­ish Kitchen創意總監Taryne Napoli­tano解釋是日餐單時表示:「確保食物在送運途中不會變得無精打采,所以我提議來點綠色材料如水田芥和荷蘭豆,不會被醬汁浸得不像樣。用檸檬醃料而非重身醬料調味,不令綠葉走樣。」

Rel­ish Kitchen的看家本領包括酒會小點、高級用餐美食和悠閒小品,但最重要還是大廚們一直緊守的「簡單、樸實烹飪方式」。Taryne表示:「我們稍為改動分子料理做法,同時專注改善簡單技術。媽媽自小為我們準備大量健康餐單美食,這對我的下廚方式起了莫大影響。」

然而,簡單並不代表「一式一樣」或「乏味無趣」。自2005年成立以來,Rel­ish Kitchen深受Taryne的澳大利亞傳統啟發,美食靈感無不源自她跟意大利丈夫兼主廚Fabrizio Napoli­tano每年夏季的歐洲旅遊,打造出現代餐單如燉燜蔬菜配點心。她興奮指:「我喜愛到會全因可根據主題和菜式而改變,不像餐廳般限制多多。」

But sim­ple by no means trans­lates to ho­moge­nous or bor­ing. Although Rel­ish Kitchen has been in­spired by Taryne’s An­tipodean her­itage since its found­ing in 2005, its many of­fer­ings are also in­flu­enced by her an­nual sum­mer trav­els to Europe with her Ital­ian hus­band, chef Fabrizio Napoli­tano, lead­ing to a mod­ern menu that’s likely to fea­ture rata­touille along­side dim sum. "What I love about ca­ter­ing is that you can chop and change with themes and cuisines, un­like the con­straints of a restau­rant," she en­thuses.

Most re­cently, Rel­ish Kitchen has been ex­per­i­ment­ing with ed­i­ble flow­ers and pared-back cakes with­out frost­ing, oth­er­wise known as naked cakes. "I love that the em­pha­sis is on the qual­ity of the cake it­self, so you have to put ef­fort and thought into the flavours," says Taryne. "Plum and al­mond with white choco­late ganache, lime and co­conut with vanilla cream cheese filling, or­ange po­lenta pis­ta­chio…"

Come sum­mer, Rel­ish Kitchen finds it­self in­un­dated with or­ders for lux­ury boat trips, as well as pic­nic-style cui­sine with plenty of light sal­ads and fresh fruits. "The whole idea of a pic­nic is to take your time," Taryne con­cludes. "So in­clude morsels that you can snack on. And no pic­nic would be com­plete with­out a good bot­tle of wine or a re­fresh­ing cock­tail." //

最近, Rel­ish Kitchen一直熱衷試驗可食用花兒和造型低調的無糖霜蛋糕,又稱為「裸蛋糕」。「我喜愛把重點放在蛋糕本身,所以你要在味道方面投入極大思慮。」Taryne指:「帶李子和杏仁的白巧克力醬、青檸、椰子和香草忌廉芝士餡、橙玉米粥開心果……」

夏日逼近,Rel­ish Kitchen接到不少豪華遊艇的訂單,還要準備輕盈沙律和新鮮水果的野餐式美食。「野餐的大要就是讓你悠閒享受時間。」Taryne總結指:「帶少量零食。記著,沒有好酒或雞尾酒就不算是野餐呢。」 //

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