De­signer Lim Hong Lian’s stylish sanc­tu­ary emerges from Sin­ga­pore’s ur­ban sprawl to of­fer pri­vacy, space and a bold aes­thetic iden­ti­ty設計師林豐年時尚的新加坡家園集私隱、空間與矚目美學於一身


Sin­ga­pore’s ar­chi­tec­tural iden­tity is in­formed by grand colo­nial struc­tures, art de­coin­spired public hous­ing de­vel­op­ments and sky­line-shap­ing post­mod­ern high-rises in glass and steel. How­ever, when it came time for Lim Hong Lian, founder and prin­ci­pal part­ner of LTW Designworks, to re­alise his own home, he de­cided to look be­yond lo­cal tra­di­tions to cre­ate a stun­ning – and of­ten sur­pris­ing – sanc­tu­ary within the mod­ern me­trop­o­lis.

Perched atop a hill and sur­rounded by evoca­tive trop­i­cal ver­dure, the three-storey abode Hong Lian shares with his wife Chris­tine whisks you far from the ur­ban sprawl below, although panoramic vis­tas pre­sent­ing Ma­rina Bay Sands and other icons in minia­ture af­firm the prop­erty’s

新加坡建築素以宏偉殖民地結構、裝飾藝術風公共房屋發展和以玻璃、鋼材建成的高樓大廈為定位。然而,談到LTW De­sign­work­s創辦人及首席合夥人林豐年設計的自家大宅,他卻決定遠看當地傳統方式,在現代大都會中開出一個驚喜處處的美麗家園。

屹立山上、被翠綠熱帶植物包圍的三層大宅就是林豐年跟太太Christine共享的安樂窩,儘管遠看依然望到Ma­rina Bay Sand­s和其他標誌城市建築,甫內進卻即時把你帶到鬧市之外,讓人同時置身於大都會與天然綠洲中。林豐年指:「我想創造出『熱帶家居』的氣息,並以四周天然

cos­mopoli­tan sit­u­a­tion. "I wanted to cre­ate a ‘trop­i­cal home’ and the site’s nat­u­ral sur­round­ings be­came my pri­mary in­spi­ra­tion," ex­plains Hong Lian. The re­sult­ing de­sign is one that plays with con­ven­tion and breaks down the bound­aries be­tween in­te­rior and ex­te­rior to cre­ate a seam­less flow – both pal­pa­bly and aes­thet­i­cally – from the dwelling to its en­vi­rons and back again. A gen­er­ous open-plan lay­out and lee­ward po­si­tion in­duce a com­fort­able mi­cro-cli­mate with plenty of air, while wa­ter fea­tures, in­clud­ing a swim­ming pool and pond, also play a role in keep­ing the res­i­dence cool, par­tic­u­larly at night.

Ma­te­ri­als were cho­sen for their rus­tic tones and tex­tures, with un­pol­ished Ital­ian mar­ble, re­claimed teak and iron cladding favoured for their unique qual­i­ties and abil­ity to age grace­fully to­gether. "The iron fa­cade con­nects the house with its sur­round­ings," says Hong Lian. "The patina of the iron is formed over time af­ter pro­longed out­door ex­po­sure and nat­u­ral ox­i­da­tion. We want the house to re­act to and change with its set­ting."



De­signer Lim Hong Lian's im­pres­sive abode is a ver­i­ta­ble pri­vate sac­tu­ary, com­plete with a swim­ming pool, pond, art in­stal­la­tion and spec­tac­u­lar views across Sin­ga­pore's sky­line. 城市綠洲 設計師林豐年的矚目家居私密度極高,並配設泳池、池塘、藝術裝置等設備裝潢,同時飽覽新加坡美不勝收的天際線。

STUN­NING SPACE The dou­ble-height art-piece by Bei­jing-based stu­dio Dragon Place con­nects the ceil­ing and the floor of the ex­pan­sive liv­ing room, flanked on ei­ther side by cool­ing bod­ies of wa­ter.出色美地雙層高的藝術作品出自駐北京工作室Dragon...

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