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Cre­ative di­rec­tor Pas­cal Wal­ter on Cetec’s lux­u­ri­ous yet af­ford­able de­but col­lec­tion | 我們跟Cetec創意總監Pas­cal Wal­ter談到品牌既豪華而價格相宜的首推系列


As one of the lead­ing dis­tri­bu­tion agents of in­te­rior dec­o­rat­ing fab­rics, wall­cov­er­ings, fur­ni­ture and passe­menterie through­out Asia Pa­cific, Cetec re­cently launched its own ex­clu­sive col­lec­tion, Ori­gin of Oc­ci­dent. We chat to the tal­ented tex­tile de­signer and cre­ative di­rec­tor Pas­cal Wal­ter about his in­spi­ra­tions and the im­por­tance of fab­rics in in­te­ri­ors.作為亞太區頂尖室內裝飾布藝、牆飾、傢具和花飾經銷商之一的Cetec,最近首推自家系列O­ri­gin of Oc­ci­dent。我們跟紡織設計師兼創意總監Pas­cal Wal­ter談到他的靈感來源,以及布藝在室內裝潢中扮演的重要角色。Usu­ally I start with a theme, a ti­tle and mood boards. The ti­tle of this col­lec­tion – Ori­gin of Oc­ci­dent – is the story of East meets West. There has al­ways been a con­nec­tion be­tween Hong Kong and Europe, and a lot of trade go­ing both ways. I felt that Cetec’s core strength was to bring the Euro­pean style and taste to Asia. 我多以主題、標題和靈感板為起點。今次系列O­ri­gin of Oc­ci­den­t就是訴說中西合璧的故事。香港與歐洲常存連繫,交易奔走兩邊。Cetec的核心力量就是把歐洲風格和品味帶到亞洲。My work­ing process be­gins with nar­row­ing down my ideas and then se­lect­ing mills. It's all about per­sonal con­tact; the peo­ple that I work with are the peo­ple I like to work with, and vice versa. We agree on a size for the col­lec­tion, then qual­ity, then de­signs and colours, then sam­pling. It’s all a flow­ing process, sam­pling for one idea gives di­rec­tion to an­other item. As a re­sult, the col­lec­tion grows or­gan­i­cally. As a de­signer, you have

to be able to see what it can even­tu­ally be­come. 創作過程一開始便是收窄意念範圍,再挑選製造廠。重點在於個人社交脈絡,也就是我合作的人和喜歡合作的人,反之亦然。決定系列大小尺寸後,就來到質量、設計、色彩和做板階段。過程在於引發意念,再由此出發。系列就是這樣自然而成,作為設計師,你定要能預視最後成果。Ev­ery­thing in this col­lec­tion blends har­mo­niously to­gether and en­cour­ages you to mix and match. You can dec­o­rate an en­tire room with just a few of th­ese pieces. I have no favourite piece, but Cherry Flower is a per­fect fit to me, de­spite def­i­nitely be­ing one of our more con­tro­ver­sial de­signs. I found the orig­i­nal de­sign in the ar­chive of an Ital­ian fash­ion mill and we ad­justed it to fit to­day’s needs. It could al­most be old Bri­tish wall­pa­per, so there’s some­thing Asian and some­thing Euro­pean.系列每件產品均能和諧組合。你可以只選數件設計裝飾一整個空間。我難以只挑單一最愛,但Cherry Flow­er絕屬亮點之一。我從意大利時裝製造廠資料庫找到原型設計,然後根據現今需要作調整,更幾乎可充當舊英式牆紙呢,滲透著亞洲和歐洲氣息。To­day you just­can't be a de­signer. You have to tell an in­ter­est­ing story about your prod­uct be­cause we all love sto­ries. They en­rich our daily lives. I feel that fab­ric de­sign is best summed up by a beau­ti­ful say­ing: "the de­signer’s choice of fur­ni­ture, colours and pieces of art de­fine the char­ac­ter of an in­te­rior, but the fab­rics are the soul within". 今天,你已不能只單單當個設計師。你要訴說產品的有趣故事,它們能豐富我們的日常生活。我認為布藝設計最能這句美麗語句總括——「設計師挑選的傢具、色彩和藝術品為室內空間定義個性,但布藝卻是當中靈魂」。Cetec cur­rently dis­trib­utes in Hong Kong, Sin­ga­pore, Malaysia and China. We also have agents in the Mid­dle East, Tai­wan and Aus­tralia. We are con­sid­er­ing mov­ing to In­done­sia, Viet­nam, Myan­mar and the rest of China. We cur­rently have teams in Bei­jing and Shang­hai but China is so big there’s still lots of room to grow. 現時Cetec在香港、新加坡、馬來西亞和中國經銷,在中東、台灣和澳洲也有代理。我們考慮進軍印尼、越南和緬甸,還有中國其他地區。暫時在北京和上海也設有團隊,中國地大物博,還有很大發展空間。

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06 01 & 04 Swatches of the Caya and Louis fab­rics from the Ori­gin of Oc­ci­dent col­lec­tion. 02, 03 & 05 Cush­ions and up­hol­stery in Cetec fab­rics. 06 Cetec's Cre­ative Di­rec­tor Pas­cal Wal­ter and Man­ag­ing Di­rec­tor Win­nie Wong at the launch of the col­lec­tion.

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01, 02 & 03 A colour wheel of the Manolo fab­ric, also seen here up­hol­ster­ing var­i­ous fur­nish­ings.

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