Grace and grandeur unite in a stun­ning Greg Nataledesigned abode | 這間由Greg Natale設計的米蘭矚目住所兼備優雅與華麗格調


Aus­tralian in­te­rior de­signer Greg Natale’s name is syn­ony­mous with lux­ury and op­u­lence. How­ever, at first glance, this eye­catch­ing art deco-in­spired res­i­dence in Syd­ney’s stylish Rose Bay sub­urb ap­pears to es­chew his trade­mark flour­ish of colour and pat­tern in favour of a quiet yet con­sid­ered min­i­mal­ism. Ap­pear­ances can be de­cep­tive, though, and closer inspection re­veals Greg’s sig­na­ture style is not only present, but per­va­sive, in­fused through sump­tu­ous de­tails and time­less touches. What’s more, the pe­riod grace of the prop­erty comes not from its il­lus­tri­ous her­itage but from its ex­cep­tional ar­chi­tec­tural de­sign, as, con­trary to first im­pres­sions, it is ac­tu­ally a new struc­ture that’s been care­fully re­alised to har­monise with the neigh­bour­hood’s his­toric aes­thetic.

"We re­ally wanted to make sure this home stood on its own two feet, but it also had to ap­pear as though it had al­ways been there," ex­plains Greg. "While this was a new build and the op­por­tu­nity to make a grand ges­ture pre­sented it­self – a clean slate of sorts – there was also a re­spon­si­bil­ity to the site, the com­mu­nity and the prop­erty own­ers to cre­ate a home that would stand the test of time, and, in of­fer­ing all the ameni­ties and lux­ury of a new fam­ily home, still paid its dues to the deco style found from Rose Bay to nearby Bondi Beach."

Ex­ter­nally, this was achieved through a flat roof and pre­cise hor­i­zon­tal lines that wind their way around the home’s gen­tle, rounded cor­ners. "Keep­ing the colour of the build­ing a crisp white

每當提及澳洲室內設計師Greg Natale,人們都會即時聯想到富麗堂皇的風格。不過,一開始看見這間位於悉尼Rose Bay近郊的裝飾藝術風住所時,卻好像找不著這位設計師擅長的繽紛色彩和圖案運用,換來的是一室寧靜又近乎簡約的裝潢。你需要走進屋內細看,才發現「遠看未為真」,Greg的招牌風格原來呈現在多項奢華細節和永恆裝飾之中。這幢物業所散發的優雅感並非源自其歷史悠久的地區,而是其非凡建築設計。它其實是一所新落成住宅,興建時經過細心規劃,和諧融入四周歷史氣息中。

「我們要確保住所別具一格,但看起來又像是一直屹立於此。」Greg解釋說:「這是一幢全新建築,是塑造華麗姿態的好機會;而對其所在地點、社區和業主也有一份責任,新住宅建築必須經得起時間考驗,能為屋主們提供所需的設施和打造豪華格調之餘,還要保留Rose Bay至Bondi Beach一帶既有的裝飾藝術風格。」


af­forded the ar­chi­tec­tural el­e­ments the op­por­tu­nity to sub­tly project and be­come im­por­tant, but not dom­i­nate," Greg adds. "The own­ers’ pri­mary re­quest was to have a house that looked like it had al­ways been there. As keen en­ter­tain­ers with a grow­ing fam­ily, it had to of­fer a wide range of en­ter­tain­ing op­tions and it had to of­fer a re­laxed take on lux­ury."

To achieve this, Greg gave the inside much the same treat­ment as the out­side, with smooth edges and bril­liant white lead­ing the way for a lav­ishly laid-back at­mos­phere, de­spite the abode’s grand scale. True to form, Greg in­fuses geo­met­ric pat­terns and or­ganic mo­tifs through­out, adding char­ac­ter, tex­ture and a sense of his­tory to this fam­ily home. One of the most visu­ally ar­rest­ing ar­eas is the en­trance hall­way, where ar­chi­tec­tural mo­ments at­tain sculp­tural sta­tus. Says Greg: “The



round cof­fered ceil­ing echoes the round rug be­neath it, but the de­tail in the cus­tom rug is quite geo­met­ric and an­gu­lar. It cre­ates a nice vis­ual ten­sion on ar­rival."

The for­mal lounge is one of few rooms – the study and bed­rooms among them – that sup­plants white as the prin­ci­pal tone. In­stead, Greg turned to one of his own de­signs, the sub­tle yet graphic Iota wall­pa­per, to off­set the rig­or­ous na­ture of the join­ery and pan­elling and to im­bue the gen­er­ous space with a ca­su­ally com­posed yet al­ways el­e­gant ap­peal. "The home ex­udes a re­laxed lux­ury," says the de­signer, cit­ing clas­si­cal ges­tures such as the ceil­ing work and the abode’s ded­i­ca­tion to scale and to flu­ency as em­blem­atic of this hand­some, al­most rhyth­mic,



aes­thetic. No area is this time­less, un­der­stated majesty bet­ter re­alised than in the spec­tac­u­lar, sweep­ing stair­case that re­sem­bles a rib­bon in its flu­id­ity and the way that it unites all ar­chi­tec­tural el­e­ments – in­te­rior and ex­te­rior – of the res­i­dence. "I love the stair­case," says Greg. "I think it re­ally ties all the char­ac­ter­is­tics of the house to­gether in one sweep­ing act. It is dec­o­ra­tive and beau­ti­ful but it is also very ro­bust and serves to an­chor the house’s in­te­rior. The ar­chi­tec­tural de­tail­ing of this project was a con­stant fo­cus in our de­sign de­vel­op­ment and I’m re­ally happy with the re­sults." //


EX­ER­CISE IN EQUI­LIB­RIUM Rig­or­ous and an­gu­lar wood pan­elling and ceil­ing de­tails con­trast and com­ple­ment the sin­u­ous curves of the walls and se­lect ap­point­ments in the for­mal lounge and liv­ing...

SUITE SUC­CESS The mas­ter bed­room el­e­vates shades of blue and grey to in­dul­gent lev­els of lux­ury, en­cour­ag­ing re­lax­ation.成功要素主人房的藍和灰色進一步提升豪華魅力,讓人放鬆。

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