De­signer Sean Cochrane trans­forms a Chelsea town­house into his dream home­設計師Sean Cochrane把一間位於切爾西的市區住所打造成專屬的夢想家園


When house-hunt­ing, there’s a mo­ment you re­alise you’ve found the neigh­bour­hood you want to call home. Sean Cochrane, the CEO and cre­ative di­rec­tor of Cochrane De­sign, was so en­thralled with the Chelsea lo­ca­tion of his own home that he de­cided to re­design it from the bot­tom up, more than dou­bling its size and com­pletely trans­form­ing the lay­out. “The lo­ca­tion was per­fect – just off the King’s Road, near a cof­fee shop,” he says. “We did ev­ery­thing from scratch. It’s one of the big­gest, most com­pli­cated struc­tures I’ve done.”

The town­house was ex­tended over three storeys to the side and rear, and a base­ment larger than the first level was added. “We kept the front wall and the roof, but we took ev­ery other wall out,” ex­plains Sean. To make room for the base­ment, the ex­ist­ing foun­da­tions were de­mol­ished, along with most of the in­ter­nal el­e­ments of the struc­ture, from the stair­cases to the par­ti­tions. “Be­fore, the home was like a se­ries of boxes – lots of tiny, cut-up rooms,” he says. “I love hav­ing an open-plan lay­out, so I cre­ated a dou­ble-height ex­panse that joins the liv­ing ar­eas to­gether to get that feel­ing of space.”

The need for so much vol­ume can be ex­plained by Sean’s fam­ily of five, in­clud­ing three teenagers. “You want your ar­eas to be close

尋找新居過程中,你總有一刻覺得自己終於找到最合適選擇,並想以此為家。Cochrane De­sign的行政總裁兼創意總監Sean Cochrane就在切爾西找到一個能把他深深吸引住的居所,並決定要進行一個翻天覆地的大改造,擴大住所原有面積一倍、徹底改變原來布局。「居所位置極佳,鄰近King’s Road,就在一間咖啡廳旁。」他回憶說:「我們從繪製草圖步驟做起,這是我處理過無數工程中最大型和複雜的結構之一。」


enough to­gether – but not too close,” he says. A dou­ble-height garden room – dubbed the Coach House – was also added, ac­ces­si­ble from the main house through a tun­nel that runs un­der the length of the garden. Aside from pro­vid­ing a wealth of space, the new lay­out’s vaulted, sym­met­ri­cal ceil­ings re­ally open up the home and al­low for plenty of nat­u­ral light thanks to the floor-to-ceil­ing win­dows.

The lux­u­ri­ous style of Cochrane De­sign is ev­i­dent through­out the space, but Sean also in­fused some of his own per­son­al­ity into it, too. “I like things slightly darker, while a lot of peo­ple tend to go

為什麼居所需要這麼大的空間?因為Sean和妻子育有3名正處於青少年階段的孩子。「你會想要一個可跟家人保持親密,但互相又不會太貼近的生活空間。」他說。設計師亦為住所加設了一間樓高兩層、名為Coach House的花園小屋,可從主屋沿著花園地底的隧道到達。居所除了空間寬敞,新建的拱形天花亦成功製造更開揚格調,落地大窗又能引進大量日光,使空間明亮溫暖。

very light,” he says. “Ev­ery­thing in the home piques the senses, too, from the fab­rics to the light­ing.” Each item was cus­tom-made for the abode by the de­sign stu­dio, in­clud­ing the cab­i­netry and the stair­cases. While the aes­thetic of the space is time­less and clas­sic, it has been adapted for mod­ern liv­ing thanks to a home-au­to­ma­tion sys­tem by Cre­stron that al­lows the fam­ily to con­trol the LED light­ing, cur­tains and air con­di­tion­ing with a sim­ple swipe on their smart­phone screens.

Walk through the home and you’ll find that ev­ery­thing has been care­fully con­sid­ered, right down to the last de­tail, but the most at­ten­tion has clearly been paid to the be­spoke kitchen, which is Sean’s favourite space in the home. Ma­cas­sar bark and mar­ble work­tops com­bine with high-tech ap­pli­ances and fix­tures by the likes of Sub-Zero and Wolf for a kitchen that oozes so­phis­ti­ca­tion, all the while pro­vid­ing ev­ery­thing a home cook needs to whip up a stun­ning din­ner party. The lay­out of

家中到處都可找到Cochrane De­sign招牌的豪華風格,Sean也同時注入很多獨特的個人設計。「很多人喜歡光亮格調,我則偏愛較暗沉的空間。」他說:「由布藝到燈光,家中所有東西也能刺激感官。」不少精心製作的家品均由Cre­stron工作室創作,包括櫃子和樓梯。居所以永恆經典風為主,設計師亦設置了家居自動系統,讓家人們輕鬆撥動手機屏幕便能操控LED燈、窗簾和冷氣機,締造現代生活體驗。

環顧四周,不難發現家中每項細節也是貼心周到的安排,而當中最引人注目的要算是Sean至愛的廚房。Ma­cas­sar Bark和大理石台面配合來自Sub-Zero和Wolf等品牌的高科技電器及設備,既

the kitchen not only al­lows for the en­tire fam­ily to move in and out with ease, but also makes the space an ideal lo­ca­tion for en­ter­tain­ing and chat­ting with guests.

In­deed, the in­ge­nu­ity of the home lies in how thor­oughly each el­e­ment has been in­fused with the fam­ily’s per­son­al­ity – from the art deco chan­de­liers to the care­fully se­lected ac­ces­sories, each piece re­minds you that you’re in the realm of the Cochranes. //



DARK AND DRA­MATIC Cochrane De­sign's sig­na­ture aes­thetic is ev­i­dent through­out Sean Cochrane's home, while also in­fused with his per­sonal style. 深邃魅力 Cochrane De­sign的標誌美學可見Sean Cochrane家居四周,同時不失他的個人風格。

LET THERE BE LIGHT Floor-to-ceil­ing win­dows were in­te­gral in in­tro­duc­ing plenty of nat­u­ral light into the space. Pops of colour, art deco chan­de­liers and wood par­quet floor­ing com­bine to stun­ning ef­fect. 光明天地 落地玻璃引進無盡天然光。偶爾活現的鮮色、裝飾藝術吊燈和鑲木地板成就出悅目效果。

COM­FORT­ABLE COR­NERS Beau­ti­ful art pho­tog­ra­phy adds char­ac­ter to this cor­ner. An op­u­lent chan­de­lier cas­cades from the apex of the eaves in the mas­ter bed­room. 舒適角落 美麗藝術攝影作品為這小空間注入個性。豪華吊燈從主人房拱型天花的最高對稱點瀉下光線。

IN THE GARDEN Plenty of out­door ar­eas were added, pro­vid­ing more space for en­ter­tain­ing, and giv­ing the fam­ily com­mon ar­eas in which to gather – or to col­lect their thoughts on their own. 樂在園中 空間加設大量戶外天地,提供更多款客地方,方便家人聚首一堂,又或靜享獨處時光。

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