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The mas­ter bed­room is flooded with nat­u­ral light, il­lu­mi­nat­ing Louisa's New Yorker trunk that she de­signed for her line of lux­ury stor­age so­lu­tions, Trunked by Louisa Law­less.


主人房沐浴於天然光中,照亮著Louisa的New York­er儲物箱,這款自家品牌Trunked by Louisa Law­less作品專門用來擺放珍貴精品。

The re­sult­ing space is abun­dant in taste and char­ac­ter. The liv­ing and din­ing ar­eas are char­ac­terised by vi­brant art­works set against muted, mod­ern fur­nish­ings. A wind­ing hall­way takes you to the mas­ter bed­room, the chil­dren’s rooms, the guest room and the study, be­fore ar­riv­ing in the large open kitchen, where the colours truly pop. When asked about the most beloved art­works in their col­lec­tion, Louisa points out a few: a piece by famed Aus­tralian artist Nicholas Hard­ing, which was ac­quired when she and her hus­band got mar­ried; a work re­cently pur­chased from Art Cen­tral that hangs above the kitchen ta­ble; the black-and-white pho­to­graphic portrait of Ge­or­gia Jag­ger that graces the en­try­way; and a bronze sculp­ture of a mother and son that was pur­chased on one of her many work trips to India. "When I travel some­where and like it there, what I try to do is al­ways bring one small thing back," she ex­plains.

Dur­ing the week, the liv­ing room dou­bles up as a home of­fice and a play room, with Louisa tak­ing care of lap­top busi­ness on the sofa, si­mul­ta­ne­ously keep­ing an eye on the kids in their gen­er­ous play area next to the seating ar­range­ment. Week­ends mean bar­be­cues on the ter­race or even the odd visit from a fam­ily mem­ber from Aus­tralia. Dur­ing our shoot, Louisa is in and out, an­swer­ing work emails and – at the end of the day – wel­com­ing her chil­dren home af­ter an af­ter­noon of swim­ming at the nearby Ladies Recre­ation Club. Serv­ing as the site where the cou­ple’s chil­dren will grow up and where her busi­ness will cer­tainly flour­ish, this home is set to see plenty of en­er­getic days to come. //偌大的開放式廚房,色彩就在這兒大爆發。問到最心愛的藝術品為哪時,Louisa就表示是著名澳洲藝術家Ni­cholas Hard­ing之作——她跟丈夫結婚時購下;一道最近在Art Cen­tral購下的藝術品,掛於廚房桌上方;黑白色Ge­or­gia Jag­ger肖像就為走道注入型格品味;母子銅雕塑則由她前往印尼出差時買下。她解釋:「每次到訪某地而又深深愛上時,我就會在當地買紀念品回家。」

客廳在閒日兼作家居辦工室和遊玩室,Louisa安坐沙發忙著在電腦管理業務時,也可同時看管孩子。周末一家可以在陽台燒烤,或甚至款待遠自澳洲而來的親友。我們拍攝期間,Louisa就不停出出入入應付繁忙工務,下午就到附近的女子俱樂部接剛上完游泳課的孩子回來。這就是孩子和業務茁壯成長的重地,孕育未來更多繁華日子。// HO≤E JOUR­NAL

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