Arthur de Villepin in­tro­duces his new gallery Carré d’artistes and shares his in­sights on the art of liv­ing才華洋溢的企業家Arthur de Villepin介紹他的新藝廊Carré d’artis­tes和細訴對藝術生活的見解

Tal­ented en­tre­pre­neur Arthur de Villepin in­tro­duces his new gallery Carré d’artistes and his in­sights on the art of liv­ing.

Home Journal - - CONTENTS - 才華洋溢的企業家Arthur de Villepin d’artis­tes和細訴對藝術生活的見解BY EMILY LE­UNG

As the CEO of Art de Vivre Group, there is no bet­ter am­bas­sador for spread­ing the mis­sion of art­ful liv­ing than Arthur de Villepin. A global no­mad who has ex­pe­ri­enced the vivid cul­tures of the USA, In­dia and France from a young age, Arthur is de­ter­mined to prop­a­gate artis­tic ad­ven­tures into ev­ery­day life by pro­mot­ing the cul­ture and build­ing a bridge be­tween French art de vivre and Asia. His em­pire in­cludes fine wines (Pont des Arts), world-class pho­tog­ra­phy (Yel­low Korner) and an art con­sult­ing com­pany. Arthur’s goal is to keep grow­ing the group’s life­style and con­tem­po­rary art brands under Art de Vivre, which re­cently de­buted the dy­namic Carré d’artistes on Hol­ly­wood Road. 出任Art de Vivre Group總裁的Arthur de Villepin無疑是推廣藝術生活文化的最佳人選。遊歷經驗豐富的Arthur自小已體驗過美國、印度和法國的精彩文化,並致力透過推廣文化交流,在法國精緻文化與亞洲之間建起橋樑,將滿載藝術風尚的歷練注入日常生活中,他的事業王國包括上等佳釀(Pont des Arts)、世界級攝影(Yel­low Korner)和一所藝術顧問公司。Arthur的目標就是持續拓展集團的生活風格和Art de Vivre旗下的當代藝術品牌,其Carré d’artis­tes最近便在荷李活道隆重開幕。Our mis­sion is to be able to pro­mote all dif­fer­ent forms of art – not just one con­cept or one artist. We want peo­ple to be able to re­late and con­nect with the artists around them so we’ve jux­ta­posed 14 dif­fer­ent artists, all with their in­di­vid­ual styles. We had Graffs Matt at the open­ing, who’s very tal­ented at por­traits and a great street artist. 我們的目標就是推廣不同形式的藝術,而非單一藝術家的單一概念。我們希望人們能夠與藝術家建起連繫和引發共鳴,於是請來14位各有特色的藝術家合作。開幕時有份參與的Graffs Mat­t就是擅長肖像和街頭藝術的創作人。My mom is an artist, my sis­ter is an artist and my dad is a col­lec­tor so art has al­ways sur­rounded me. I had to con­struct my own un­der­stand­ing of what art is, why it is art, and how I could par­tic­i­pate in pro­mot­ing this con­cept. Now I’ve come up with two mis­sions: first, to be the bridge in this cul­ture, and sec­ondly, to pro­mote this life­style. Art, of course, is one of the main el­e­ments, but I plan on open­ing this seg­ment a bit more to en­com­pass life­style brands. 媽媽和姊妹皆為藝術家,爸爸則是收藏家,藝術一直就在我身邊。那時候我需要全面了解和建立自己對藝術的認知:甚麼是藝術?為何這可稱為藝術?我可以如何參與其中推廣這個概念?最後我得出兩大當前要務,第一就是要跟這種文化建起連繫,第二就是推動這種生活文化。藝術當然重要,但我計劃囊括各式生活文化品牌,繼而往這方向進發。

I be­lieve a lot in life­style, which I feel is dif­fer­ent from luxury. Luxury is de­fined by price, by lim­ited quan­ti­ties, and I think is quite elit­ist. Life­style is some­thing that is de­fined by the ex­pe­ri­ence, the story and the user. It’s grant­ing ac­cess to more peo­ple and it’s a con­cept that is very cred­i­ble. Here, we talk a lot about har­mony, well­ness and bal­ance but we don’t live it much. But I think that if we buy the idea, it’s only a ques­tion of time.我對生活文化抱有極大信心,對我來說這跟奢華屬兩碼子的事。奢華以金錢衡量,也講求限量數目,這太精英主義了吧。生活文化則透過經驗和用家的故事而來。它可接觸到更多人,也是非常了不起的概念。我們強調和諧、健康和平衡,但大家可獲之以上的時間卻不多。但我知道,只要心存信念,假以時日必能成功。When it comes to art and life­style, how we per­ceive things is very im­por­tant. It’s the dif­fer­ence be­tween look­ing at life from a more hor­i­zon­tal per­spec­tive, where you just keep ac­quir­ing and adding more, or from a more ver­ti­cal per­spec­tive, where you take one thing but you look deeper and more ap­pre­cia­tively into it. It's true also for French peo­ple and the way we look at friend­ships and re­la­tion­ships – we seem tougher to get through to in the be­gin­ning, but once a full un­der­stand­ing is es­tab­lished, the re­la­tion­ship be­comes deeper, stronger and more time­less. 談到藝街與生活文化,我們看待事物的方式也屬關鍵。以橫向方式觀看的人生就如不停購入和添加,但直向出發則可以更深入觀察每事、更懂欣賞之。對法國人來說,這也就是我們對待友誼和人際關係的方式。開始時我們看似難以被打動,但經過全面了解後,關係卻是既深入又茁壯。//



01 Carré d'artistes 02 Arthur's of­fice at Art de Vivre House above the gallery 03 Arthur de Villepin, CEO of Art de Vivre Group 03

HO≤E JOUR­NAL 04 The var­ied works of in­ter­na­tional artists are jux­ta­posed enig­mat­i­cally at Carré d'artistes.藝術氣息藝廊Carré d'artis­tes雲集世界各地藝術家的出眾作品。每件藝術品均有新穎有趣的含義。

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