Yves Delorme Cou­ture’s Jérôme Del­mas on the brand’s stun­ning lines and un­par­al­leled niche in the mar­ket來自Yves Delorme Cou­ture的設計師Jérôme Del­mas



As the most lux­u­ri­ous French linen brand in the world since 1845, Yves Delorme de­buted its stun­ning col­lec­tion of Yves Delorme Cou­ture at its new bou­tique in Prince’s Build­ing. The col­lec­tion cel­e­brates beau­ti­fully hand-em­broi­dered ma­te­ri­als and tex­tiles, as well as the re­fine­ment and del­i­cacy of past per­fec­tions. It’s a col­lec­tion that can be fully cus­tomised by its clients and their de­sign­ers to fash­ion the most ex­quis­ite be­spoke linens, all made to mea­sure. Jérôme Del­mas is the de­signer be­hind the Cou­ture col­lec­tion. Ed­u­cated at l’ESAG Pen­ninghen in in­te­rior ar­chi­tec­ture and design, he be­came pas­sion­ate about em­broi­dery and cou­ture. Jérôme’s goal is to utilise his eye for ar­chi­tec­ture to cre­ate some truly time­less and modern de­signs. 創立於1845年的法國頂級紡織工藝品Yves Delorme在置地太子大廈開設旗下精品店Yves Delorme Cou­ture。嶄新系列結合傳統工藝和改良技術,混搭手工縫製的刺繡細節,打造精湛的面材和紡織品。產品以定制化設計著稱,按照客戶和設計師的個人喜好創作出美輪美奐的專屬紡織品。設計師Jérôme Del­mas負責Cou­ture系列的設計工作,他畢業於法國l’ESAG Pen­ninghen的室內建築和設計專業,對刺繡元素和定制技術特別有興趣。Jérôme希望透過對建築的敏銳觀察和理解,締造永恆經典的作品。We have many com­peti­tors but I think we try to cre­ate some­thing re­ally dif­fer­ent. I’m not sure if there are many brands that are able to cre­ate a bed spe­cific to you. Yves Delorme Cou­ture is per­fect for cus­tom de­signs. 我認為現今市場競爭激烈,Yves Delorme Cou­ture則以嶄新思維和創意概念突破重圍。品牌提供專門定制的服務,甚至能為客戶度身訂造專屬的睡床。We have two main fab­rics. The first one is Egyp­tian cot­ton. We also have satin, which is very light. Cou­ture means to show and al­low cus­tomers to think that the prod­uct was cre­ated just for them; it’s not brand­ing. This new col­lec­tion is ded­i­cated to dec­o­ra­tive de­signs in­spired by the 17th and 18th cen­turies. We are moved by his­tory, by painters, and by dec­o­ra­tive arts. I also love be­ing in­spired by colours – we have one line in­spired by gold and an­other in­spired by sil­ver. And we have this one that is al­most ivory with a slight touch of pink. 我們專門生產兩款主要的紡織品:埃及棉和觸感順滑的綢緞。Cou­ture指的是為客人度身定制的刺繡工藝,並不單單是虛有其表的營銷策略。這次最新系列的靈感來自於17至18世紀的設計風格,而其中的歷史、畫家、裝飾藝術和所有元素進一步豐富了設計。我喜愛各款不同的配色方案,品牌特設廣泛的生產線:金色、銀色,以及略帶粉紅的象牙白用色組合。

I like this quote from Mario Botta, the Swiss ar­chi­tect: “In or­der to be modern, you must know your his­tory.” Our prod­ucts try to tell his­tory. And the main goal of his­tory is to re­write and tell a dif­fer­ent ver­sion of it. Pre­sen­ta­tion is all about pack­ag­ing and this bou­tique is a new con­cept. 瑞士建築師Mario Bot­ta曾說道:「歷久彌新的時尚設計來自對歷史的思考。」我認為這就是品牌依循的創作原則和路向。精品店滿載嶄新的設計概念和無限創意,猶如為歷史寫下新一頁。I love de­sign­ing be­cause it’s an old con­cept. It’s not just to cre­ate a bed­ding col­lec­tion – my driv­ing pur­pose is to cre­ate a new brand. I have to design the pack­ag­ing, the col­lec­tion and the spirit of the col­lec­tion, so it is my job to make sure ev­ery piece com­ple­ments and co­or­di­nates with one an­other. 我特別享受創作的過程,它總有著其永恆不變的信條。我希望能夠開闢一個全新的品牌,而不僅僅是推出全新的床具系列。產品造型、系列形象及中心思想同時缺一不可,而確保不同部分能夠互相配合、環環相扣就是我的首要任務。My per­sonal favourite is Oc­tave, which has stronger lines and is all hand-em­broi­dered. This line is in­spired by the first design that Ernes­tine [Fre­maux] cre­ated. More and more cus­tomers are get­ting their sheets cus­tomised nowa­days and many have been re­quest­ing colour changes, or to cre­ate pat­terns or mono­grams. Com­ing up, we are work­ing on a new project, two new prints and more colour­ways. We want to keep cre­at­ing prod­ucts that make a dif­fer­ence. 具備俐落線條和手工刺繡的Oc­tave是我的心水之選,靈感源自設計師Ernes­tine [Fre­maux]的首個創作。現時,專門定制的床單漸受歡迎。我們亦接到不少加入鮮明色澤、圖紋和押花等等的要求。有見及此,品牌正著手進行全新項目,透過兩款新式印花和活潑色調為產品帶來與別不同的新面貌。//




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