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The handy Nu­face ton­ing de­vice uses a mi­crocur­rent to stim­u­late the un­der­struc­ture of the skin to tone fa­cial muscles and cre­ate a lifted and contoured ap­pear­ance—and the smaller, por­ta­ble new ver­sion means you can now iron out those wrin­kles on the move. One se­ri­ously smart hair­brush. Its sen­sors de­tect your hair’s frizzi­ness, dry­ness and split ends—and even an­a­lyse your brush­ing habits. Then the brush sends a report about your hair and spe­cific ad­vice to your smart­phone. Not just any old elec­tric tooth­brush, the Foreo ISSA channels high­in­ten­sity pul­sa­tions through its unique brush head for ef­fec­tive clean­ing and stain re­moval. This is the only at-home in­tense pulsed light hair-re­moval de­vice that adapts to your skin tone. It has a sen­sor that reads the skin tone 80 times a sec­ond and au­to­mat­i­cally adapts the light in­ten­sity for best ef­fi­cacy and safety. This Glo Sci­ence de­vice’s patented tech­nol­ogy com­bines light and warm­ing com­po­nents in a mouth­piece that pre­vents whiten­ing oxy­gen from es­cap­ing the sur­face of the teeth. The Ev­ery­day Glo pen can be used to erase cof­fee and red wine stains on the go, be­fore they set. Handy!

Nu­face Mini Derm In­sti­tute Youthi­fier LED Light Ther­apy Mas­sager It may look like a torch, but the red LED light it emits stim­u­lates cel­lu­lar re­gen­er­a­tion and pro­motes the deep ab­sorp­tion of cos­met­ics’ ac­tive in­gre­di­ents into the skin. Its mi­crovi­bra­tion also im­proves skin vi­tal­ity and firm­ness.

Foreo ISSA Glo Bril­liant

Kéras­tase Hair Brush Coach by L’oréal

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