The Great Historic Journey of Chinese Diplomacy

International Studies - - Abstracts - Su Ge

The evolution of 1ew &hina’s foreign policy has witnessed three mamor historical periods. ) irst, based on 0ao edong’s diplomatic thought, & hinese diplomacy transformed from leaning toward the side of socialist countries in the s to forming “one line” with the United States against the Soviet offence in the s. Second, eng iaoping launched another mamor admustment in & hina’s diplomacy in the s and introduced the “independent foreign policy of peace”. Under the guidance of eng iaoping Theory, the important thinking of the “Three 5epresents” and the Scientific &oncept of evelopment, the independent foreign policy of peace has withstood the mamor test of the collapse of the bipolar model and the drastic changes of the international situation at the turn of the century, and has won a valuable period of strategic opportunity for the peaceful development of the country. Third, since the beginning of the st century, the international situation has been undergoing profound transformation, and &hina is unprecedentedly close to the center of the world stage and the goal of great national remuvenation. The diplomatic thought proposed by i -inping and the practice he leads has become the guidance of mamor-country diplomacy with &hinese characteristics in the new era. ooking back on the history, the fundamental mission of &hina’s diplomacy has been to serve the &hinese people, from “becoming independent” to “becoming better off”, and onward to “becoming stronger”.

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