Burgeoning BRICS Mechanism and Its Future Directions

International Studies - - Abstracts - Wang Youming

The 5,&S mechanism has emerged from the ascendant international multilateral mechanism. This trend benefits from the adaption to the changing international situation, admusting its own role and position in a timely manner, and deepening the mechanism construction. To e pand the representation of the 5,&S mechanism in

the process of the international order reconstruction, can speak for the developing countries, enhance global governance, and promote globali ation to the open, inclusive, balanced, win-win direction with universal benefit. ,n the ne t decade, the 5,&S mechanism carries the historical task of building the world’s most influential SouthSouth cooperation platform. The unprecedented challenges and opportunities retuire us wisely handle the relationship between the realistic interests and long-term goals in the process of the mechanism construction. :e need to enhance the mechanism’s power of action, creative power and sustainable development ability. )urthermore, we should e plore more innovative cooperation mechanisms and governance institutions.

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