Advances in Cybersecurity Cooperation of BRICS Countries and the Way Forward

International Studies - - 《国际问题研究》 年第 期 - Gao Wanglai

As a force representing emerging economies, 5,&S is making a greater impact in cybersecurity and other non-traditional security issues, it strives to push forward the making of international rules in these areas. The foundation of the cooperation is that 5,& S countries face common cybersecurity challenges. They are constructing a 5,&S undersea cable, and have established cooperation mechanisms such as Moint cybersecurity group and the 5,&S working group on ,&T cooperation to strengthen cybersecurity cooperation. The challenges for 5,&S cybersecurity cooperation are different visions in cyberspace governance, obstacles in cybersecurity cooperation, as well as the “divide and rule” policy of the :est. 5,&S should strengthen the cooperation platform to deal with cybersecurity threats, promote intergovernmental cooperation through civil society dialogue, use the 5,&S mechanism to boost ,&T cooperation among developing countries, and push for global rules in cyberspace.

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